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Alternative Fuel / Psychic Contacts

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In the first half, expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture David Blume discussed the recent proposal to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in California by 2035, the advantages of alcohol-based fuel, and different energy solutions. He believes the California law is misguided as there are still a lot of problems with electric vehicles (EVs), including the lengthy time it takes to charge them. Further, powering all the cars places a strain on the electric grid, "and we can hardly keep it up as it is" as the grid technology hasn't been modernized, he noted. Copper, which is not renewable, is also needed to run EVs, and there could be shortages and supply problems.

He agrees with California's governor that we must get away from gasoline. Blume considers petroleum "a scourge on the land" and terrible for workers and the environment, and suggested that the rise in gasoline prices is due to the near-certainty of how much oil is left before it runs out. He is a proponent of using ethanol or alcohol to run car engines. Alcohol is a clean fuel, he added, and actually reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Making alcohol or ethanol is legal, with permits available-- it costs just 47 cents a gallon to run a car, he estimated. At Blume's Whiskey Hill Farms, he is growing crops of wasabi to make a wasabi/ginger-flavored liquor.


For over 40 years, psychic intuitive Char Margolis has amazed millions of people with her uncanny ability to make contact with departed spirits. In the latter half, she revealed how to develop your psychic abilities and contact a loved one's spirit. One of her earliest spiritual encounters was at the age of eight, when she woke up and saw a transparent figure at the foot of her bed. He threw gold lights on her that evaporated as they touched her. She outlined different aspects for developing a psychic sense, which include energy, letting go, miracles, dreams, intuition, faith, and protection. "Psychic tuning forks," she said, are signs that can take the form of random voices or thoughts, sensing an energy, or feeling goosebumps.

It's essential to practice a form of protection when doing psychic work, she advised. An example of this is to imagine yourself in a white light of protection, and then put yourself inside an egg and close it up. The shell of an egg is a mirror, she continued, and from there, you can send negative energy back where it came from. This method also works against trickster energies, Margolis noted, though sometimes our emotions can get in the way of one's intuition. During the last hour, she offered readings for callers.

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