Ancient Prophecy / Patterns of Coincidence

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Ancient Prophecy / Patterns of Coincidence

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In the first half, expert in ancient mysteries Jonathan Cahn shared his theory of the current social and spiritual decline in the United States, and how it connects to the evil spirits he says were loosed by ancient pagan religions. Although Western civilization was initially spared the influence of these spirits thanks to a "mass exorcism," Cahn explained, nations like the US began to invite evil to return to us through cultural shifts like that of the 1960s. "When any culture that has known God turns away from God...what comes in is demonic," he asserted.

In the absence of the God of the Bible, Cahn went on, others will fill our nation's spiritual void. Baal, or the Possessor, will first step in to re-possess America as a deceptively attractive alternative to traditional religion. Next is Baal's wife, the Enchantress, who is the embodiment of unbridled sexual immorality. Following her is Moloch, or the Destroyer, who thrives on child sacrifice. The solution to the impending paganization of the US at the hands of these evil entities, Cahn concluded, is a return to a particular interpretation of Christian values that he sees as once permeating American culture.


Founder of the Coincidence Project, Dr. Bernard Beitman, was the guest in the latter half. He discussed his work in the systematized study of coincidence, which has entailed surveying and categorizing a significant number of events, large and small. Beitman drew a distinction between mere "coinciding instances" and meaningful or useful coincidences, and further defined synchronicity and serendipity as varieties of meaningful coincidence. He also introduced the Coincidence Project, a recent undertaking that aims to illuminate the hidden currents that connect and unite people.

But a scientific approach to understanding coincidence doesn't preclude the unusual and supernatural, Beitman emphasized. In fact, he said, coincidence can be key to understanding parapsychological abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, or precognition. Such phenomena aren't properly explored by mainstream science because they elude direct observation, upon which the scientific method relies for its conclusions, he noted.

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