Case for Fossil Fuels / Abundance & the Divine Council

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Case for Fossil Fuels / Abundance & the Divine Council

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Energy expert Alex Epstein is pushing for a positive, pro-human alternative to the green movement. In the first half, he contended that contrary to what we hear about the "renewable revolution," reality has proven fossil fuels are still the dominant source of energy worldwide and growing fast-- while renewables are causing skyrocketing electricity prices and increased blackouts. Though he concedes that humans' impact on the planet (including the use of fossil fuels) can affect climate, he doesn't expect that this will be catastrophic. Oil, in particular, has a unique density that allows it to produce a lot of energy in a small amount of mass, which is why it's so practical for things like agricultural machinery, planes, and cargo ships, he pointed out. While natural gas is very lightweight and clean, and works well for residential heating.

"We are shutting down reliable power plants-- namely natural gas, coal, and nuclear on the false hope that some amount of solar and wind can really replace it," he remarked. Solar and wind are not dependable as they aren't controllable, and at any given time can be depleted, and their energy is expensive to store, he suggested. We should be using more, not less fossil fuel, as it's crucial to human flourishing, and it's indispensably needed around the world, Epstein continued. Fossil fuel is the only thing that has been able to scale to billions of people in thousands of places, he added. For more on this viewpoint, visit his site


Author Christy Whitman is a celebrity coach and Law of Attraction expert. In the latter half, she discussed her experiences as a channel for the Divine Council, as well as outlined steps for manifesting your desires and achieving prosperity. For over 20 years, she has channeled the Divine Council, whom she described as angelic beings or ascended masters. When she brings them in, she "raises her vibration," her voice changes, and she speaks with a kind of British accent. While they offer her clients wisdom and tips, her own consciousness takes a backseat. Whitman talked about the 'Law of Attraction' perspective, and how we are drawing in our experiences based on our thoughts-- if we are focused on lack and what we don't have, that just creates more of that. Instead, she said, we should connect with the energy we want to feel.

Whtiman stressed the importance of how we use words. Her program reveals thirty of the words and phrases that pull our energy down by coming from a place of lack or negativity. In the last hour, the Divine Council came through and spoke to one of the callers who had financial issues. The Council advised her to align with her own abundance, and recognize she already has abundance, and that it's there for her now. The Council, according to Whitman, has said that every one of us has their own "stadium of light" filled with angels and guardians.

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