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Alternative Health / Copper Scroll Mysteries

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed the human body's ability to achieve natural healing, along with the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from chronic conditions. On the topic of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), he said such deaths were dramatically reduced nationwide when a certain mineral (selenium) was added to baby formulas. Wallach noted that he and the lawyer Jonathan Emord petitioned to have minerals added to infant formula in order to save lives. To help protect the prostate area from cancer, he suggested supplements that support the immune system, such as MSM and collagen peptides.

EFAs (essential fatty acids) also support the immune system, and are found in nuts like almonds. In response to a call from a trucker, Doc Wallach talked about using hair analysis to reveal what toxicities a person might have. People in the trucking industry, as well as farmers, and factory workers may have more exposure to toxins and heavy metals and should be tested once a year, he advised. Wallach connected nutritional deficiencies with the problem of obesity, as when the body doesn't get the nutrients it needs, it can accentuate hunger.


Retired arson investigator Jim Barfield brought his attention to detail to the study of biblical antiquities. In the latter half, he discussed the mysterious Copper Scroll, which contains an inventory of gold and silver items, in contrast to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which feature religious manuscripts. Like a treasure map, the Copper Scroll also lists various locations where the precious items can be found, though so far, they have eluded discovery. Barfield suggested the items referred to in the Copper Scroll (including $1 billion in gold) were part of King Solomon's treasure. But rather than the valuable gold, silver, and gems, Barfield is most interested in additional scrolls and temple artifacts which he believes contain prophetic material about end times, and could be stored in some of the locations listed on the scroll.

The Copper Scroll was discovered in 1952 near Qumran and is thought to date back around 2,000 years. The treasures were hid initially because Nebuchadnezzar's men attacked Qumran, Barfield explained, adding that they buried the gold and silver in deep chambers. He has been to Israel some 17 times as part of his research and excavations but had to put the search for the treasure locations on hold during the pandemic years. For more, view a related article and photos.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, John M. Curtis

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