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Prophecy Update / Remote Viewing & Aliens

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In the first half, world authority on the 16th-century seer Nostradamus, John Hogue, returned to update his prophecy alarm. Some of Nostradamus's quatrains describe possible nuclear war, such as "fearsome globes are released turning cities on fire," which Hogue believes may be referring to a kind of fusion bomb. Another quatrain writes of a "fire coming from the South," which Hogue related to Russia's Sarmat missile that could fly over the South Pole at hypersonic speeds en route to an attack. Interestingly, Hogue suggested that Nostradamus acquired many of his prophetic insights through channeling entities such as lower daimons.

He touched on his book "A New Cold War" which features the prophecies of Nostradamus, Matthias Stormberger, and Edgar Cayce. Stormberger, who lived in Bavaria in the 1700s, perhaps was speaking of World War III in his vision that Hogue quoted: "With open eyes, shall the people of the world step into the catastrophe, and in one day more people will die than all the wars in history." Within a two-year period that we are in the midst of, Hogue predicted that the US dollar would lose its value, we will experience a great depression, and there could be a missile crisis in Taiwan, as well as a war between Israel and Iran. He also said that fascism is back in the form of a corporate aristocracy, which he associated with a returning cycle of Pluto.


Dr. Paul H. Smith served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing psychic espionage program and was trained in coordinate remote viewing by Ingo Swann. In the latter half, he discussed the possible threat alien/ET consciousness poses for humans, as well as the history of remote viewing and its creator Ingo Swann. Just because aliens are thought to have advanced technology (based on what has been observed), we can't necessarily assume that they are morally or ethically evolved. He outlined a number of scenarios regarding aliens' interactions with humanity that range from benign to evil, though one of the possibilities is the idea that they are barely even aware of us, and we are the equivalent of ants to them.

Another scenario is that aliens are aware of us and recognize our intelligence, but their agenda may not be in our best interest. "It isn't that they want to do anything harmful to us, but we're in their way," he further explained. Regarding alien abductions, Smith shared Ingo Swann's intriguing notion that some of these incidents may be occurring on a non-physical plane, where even though it's experienced as utterly real, the abductee never leaves their room. The aliens could be manipulating humans' consciousness to make them see and feel things specific things, Smith pointed out. Paul will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit in October in Utah.

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