Ancient Stones & the Anunnaki / Lucid Dreaming Experiment

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Ancient Stones & the Anunnaki  / Lucid Dreaming Experiment

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In the first half, scientist and author Michael Tellinger talked about his work on stone relics of ancient South Africa, which he believes have a direct connection to gold mines of the Anunnaki. Said to be an ancient race of ETs that visited our planet, the Anunnaki (and perhaps other civilizations) conducted a massive gold mining operation around the planet, he suggested-- even the Grand Canyon may have been a mine. Tellinger has concluded that their obsession with gold may have had to do with their survival or longevity, specifically making use of monatomic gold (white powder gold) and its possible property of moving between dimensions.

Regarding the mysterious ancient stone circles found in large quantities in South Africa, he discovered they were unique amplification devices for "Earth's natural sound frequencies that come out of the ground." There is evidence that the Anunnaki created the stones some 300,000 years ago, he said, and they used their human slaves to place them along cymatic patterns. "When you put 10 million of these stone circles together, they generate an...unimaginable amount of energy" that can produce such things as scalar waves, levitation, electricity, and more, he continued. He also touched on his work on the UBUNTU movement and the One Small Town initiative, which emphasize a community-driven structure and abundance.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewed researcher Karen Konkoly on scientific studies that have opened a new doorway-- two-way communication between a lucid dreamer (a dreamer who realizes they are in a dream) and a waking person. Researchers at the Paller Lab at Northwestern University watch brain signals of sleeping participants in the lab and hope to refine communications so complex conversations may one day be possible. The current experiments are conducted with subjects when they are in REM sleep, and they're asked simple mathematical questions, she detailed. In successful cases, subjects moved their eyes in a certain direction for the number of times that corresponded with the answer (during the REM state, all but the eye muscles are paralyzed).

Konkoly told Cheryll that their experiments correspond with work being done at several other labs around the world. At Paller, they incorporate a "target memory activation" technique to induce lucid dreaming, in which the subjects listen to a 20-minute recording in which a specific beeping sound is associated with the idea of becoming lucid, and then this sound is played while they're asleep. The researchers have made this technology available through an Android app in combination with a Fitbit device (an iPhone version will be released later).

News segment guests: Cal Orey, Christian Wilde

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