Alien-Egyptian Connection / The Authentic Self

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Alien-Egyptian Connection / The Authentic Self

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In the first half, researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest expedition in search of artifacts, this time in Tula, Mexico (see related photos). He claimed that his discoveries are several thousand years old—predating the human race, by his calculations—and include alien glyphs and depictions of extraterrestrials. They tell the story of a pre-human civilization of fallen angels, Quayle went on, who introduced the genetic mutations that determined our fate as a species. God's plan for Adam and Eve to replenish a chaotic Earth as described in Genesis, as well as the writings of ancient India, affirm this theory, he argued. Quayle said the ultimate goal of the fallen angels is the destruction of the human race, but the US Government—from the CIA to Congress to the Smithsonian Institution—is engaged in a campaign of denying and covering up the evidence, because it supports a historical narrative that they refuse to acknowledge.

Quayle's latest documentary film project focuses on the connection he makes between aliens and ancient Egypt. Artifacts that establish this connection have been found all over the world, he maintained, clearly depicting the figures and wings we associate with that civilization.


Trained shaman and teacher of a Course in Miracles Adam C. Hall was the guest in the latter half. His most recent work concerns the connection between the human mind and body with the ancient and the transcendent, he related, and has seen him interacting with numerous cultures and traditions. Of particular interest have been the discoveries and innovations of indigenous peoples, he went on. He concluded that ancient people used a form of communication through light with each other and extraterrestrial entities in order to receive advanced wisdom.

Hall has developed a set of thirteen wisdom teachings that are central to his teachings. They range from concepts like maintaining a loving orientation toward the universe, to striving toward the most authentic version of yourself, to an ultimate oneness with our bodies, our minds, and the Earth. Once this wholeness is achieved, Hall believes, our potential is infinite. Dedication to these teachings can make all the difference when dealing with moments of crisis, as well as the bizarre and bewildering longer-term situation we've all been dealing with in the past few years.

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