Astral Dreamscape Adjustment Bureau

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Astral Dreamscape Adjustment Bureau

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James Bartley has investigated alien abductions, particularly Reptilian and military abductions, for over thirty years. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss the Astral Dreamscape Adjustment Bureau and why various beings are engaged in infiltrating our dream world. According to Bartley, the astral dreamscape is where behavior modification and mind control are conducted by both human and non-human entities. They use dreams because humans spend a lot of time sleeping and are susceptible when dreaming since most people cannot control their dreams, he added. "Even lucid dreamers, on occasion, can have their dreams hacked and manipulated," Bartley said.

These beings have the tactical high ground by waiting until a person is asleep to infiltrate. Once these entities have inserted themselves into a dream they can instill phobias or fetishes by creating a variety of visual scenarios, he continued. Many of these beings can alter their own frequencies and densities to be corporeal one moment and the next manifest via a portal into someone's bedroom to slip into that person's dream to take over, Bartley revealed. The entities create what he called 'stage-managed dreams,' which they are able to do through either innate know-how or technological means.

The beings take command of a person's astral dreamscape in order to guide the dreams in a certain way to accomplish specific behavioral modifications. So, why do they do this? Humans are frequency emitters or resonators, and these entities need to lower our frequency in order to conduct 'emotional energetic harvesting,' Bartley disclosed. "It behooves them to keep us in a negative frequency bandwidth," he reported, pointing out humanity's usual high frequency does nothing for them. The purpose is to modify behavior from within the astral dreamscape, so it affects someone in their normal waking consciousness, making them more impulsive, for example, Bartley explained. He also suggested the voices many psychotic patients hear are put into their minds by these same non-corporeal beings.

Open Lines followed in the last hour of the program.

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