Biomedical Security State / Weather Modification

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Biomedical Security State / Weather Modification

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Psychiatrist, and the director of the program in Bioethics and American Democracy at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, Aaron Kheriaty MD, taught psychiatry previously at the UC Irvine School of Medicine. In the first half, he discussed the people and organizations that form what he called the "biomedical security state," and why he believes it's a threat to science, public health, and individual freedom. He defined the biomedical security state as a merging of public health that's become militarized, digital technologies that involve surveillance and control, and the police powers of the state. One example of this, he cited, was the 'vaccine passports' introduced during COVID, which used QR codes to allow people to enter or travel to certain locations if they had followed the vaccine mandates.

COVID may only be the beginning of these kinds of controls, and they could return in a newly declared public crisis, possibly related to something like climate change or a cyber attack, he warned. While America never followed some of the extreme COVID measures still being practiced in China, the lockdowns and school closures in the US "took their cue from the Chinese Communist Party," he remarked. The end game of the biomedical security state is to control large populations, Kheriaty suggested, and he foresees the rollout of digital IDs that are tied to biometric data (with eventual under-the-skin health monitoring) and digital currency that tracks our financial transactions. Kheriaty also recounted the details of his lawsuit against UC Irvine, which banned him from campus when he refused to get the COVID vaccine.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with Dane Wigington, the lead investigator of GeoEngineering Watch. Their conversation delved into weather modification efforts which Wigington believes are accomplished through such things as chemtrail spraying. "Governments around the globe...are verifiably working together on climate intervention operations," as weather modifications can't be confined within just one country's border, he told Cheryll. He characterized these efforts as "grand and lethal, highly toxic experiments that are destroying the planet's life support systems," and if the population found out what was being done without their consent, there would be mass protest and efforts to stop it, he said.

Wigington reported that his team had access to a flying lab for two flights, and they were able to take samples from the atmosphere, which were confirmed to contain climate engineering elements. These details are featured in his documentary, "The Dimming" (available for free viewing), along with footage of aircraft with nozzles visibly turning dispersions on and off, which he contends should put an end to the debate that chemtrails are simply misidentified condensation trails. Wigington also said there were anomalies with Hurricane Ian, and he concluded that the storm was manipulated and steered, based on monitoring data loops that showed "ground-based radio frequency microwave transmissions and their interactions with the storm."

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