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In the first half, occultist researcher Kaedrich Olson discussed his work involving paranormal issues and encounters. He talked about his experience as a hypnotherapist, a valuable pursuit because it can tap in to the unconscious mind, which Olson estimated to account for about 90% of our brain activity. Learning self-hypnosis is beneficial to one's overall health, Olson added, as it involves complete relaxation of the body and focusing of the mind. His own practice includes current and past life regression, which seeks to revisit tragic events that may be at the root of problem behaviors or beliefs.

Olson also spoke about popular movies, which get their depictions of the paranormal wrong about 80% of the time, he explained. This is unfortunate, because repeated exposure to these inaccurate depictions can cause people to misinterpret—or even not recognize—their real-life encounters with the paranormal. Movies that mostly "get it right" according to Olson include The Exorcist and What Dreams May Come. Among those films that didn't stand up so well were The Conjuring, The Amityville Horror, and Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes.


In the latter half, callers to the show included Walt in Washington, who recounted the story of his returning from the dead. In 1969, under the influence of his first psychedelic drug trip, he had a heart attack and died, Walt said. Through a blizzard of words going through his mind, the word "love" emerged, and he found himself alive and on his feet. Although terrifying at the time, Walt continued, it was a "holy" experience that changed his life forever, turning him into a loving and compassionate person.

Calling from South Carolina, Barry noted the passing of Jerry Lee Lewis with a memory of meeting the music legend in a local bar in 1981. Noticing that Barry kept glancing over at the bar's mechanical bull, one of Lewis's entourage offered to let Barry give it a try. He did—and ended up hitting his head on the ceiling. And Frank in Maryland expressed his frustration with not being able to find out more information on the 2017 mass murder from a hotel rooftop in Las Vegas. Specifically, he wanted to know about the gunman's motivations and how he managed to get his weapons into the hotel.

The end of the last hour featured a segment from a previous show when George and guest Karen A. Dahlman talked about the power of the ouija board.

News segment guests: Kevin Randle / Charles R. Smith


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