Chemtrails & Geoengineering / Manifesting Goals

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Chemtrails & Geoengineering / Manifesting Goals

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In the first half, activist Matthew Landman discussed his ongoing efforts to raise awareness about such things as geoengineering, chemtrails, GMO foods, 5G technology, and smart meters, most of which he considers to be an assault on our health and the environment. He said chemtrails are aerially sprayed for different purposes, but the spray's primary constituents are aluminum, barium, and strontium. Aluminum oxides and barium salts are patented fire accelerants sprayed on forests to actually increase wildfires in the West, he claimed, as a way to push the narrative that climate change is a problem. To combat the harmful effects he believes emanate from the latest mobile communication standard, 5G, Landman has developed Spero, a line of EMF-protection clothing and accessories. He also recommended taking the plant-based mineral, sea moss, to fend off toxicities.

Many climate events are engineered, he maintained, such as the recent floods in Pakistan, storms in Australia, and Hurricane Ian in Florida. With Ian, he suggested that the elite powers sought to keep it away from the Tampa/St. Pete area. "There's a HAARP station there that pushes the storms they never ever get hit," he added. Landman was also critical of the UN's "Agenda 2030" plan, which he views as a way to push people out of rural America under the guise of developing sustainability goals. They are telling Americans that they can no longer live in wildfire risk zones, and eventually, they want to move everyone into "smart cities" to control the population, he asserted.


In the latter half, psychic medium Karyn Reece, talked about the tools needed to manifest a positive life as we enter into 2023. Recognize that you have the power in your life to make changes, she said, adding that proper diet and sleep are crucial to healthy functioning. By identifying an important goal in your life, you can evaluate your ongoing experiences and decide whether they are moving you further away or closer to your goal, she detailed. The idea of manifesting, Reece continued, refers to turning our desires into reality. If we allow others to influence us, we can get derailed in this process, she continued.

As a technique for manifesting, she recommended using a kind of self-hypnosis, repeating the following to yourself several times as you are about to fall asleep: "I have the power and the wherewithal to make changes. I'm in control." Additionally, she said you should list your goals, have an action plan to achieve them, and visualize them in your life in the here and now. As to how she perceives her psychic intuitions, she described them as "pop-up visions." In one, she had the perspective of being in space and saw a monstrous hand tightly gripping the planet, which she related to the pandemic. But then she saw angelic wings totally eliminating the negativity, making her feel that the world would rebound. During the last hour, she offered readings to callers, in which she communicated impressions, and messages from departed loved ones.

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