Karyn Reece

Karyn Reece


As both a medium and a psychic, Karyn Reece has been featured on networks such as TLC, Discovery, Lifetime, The CW, FYI, Travel Channel, and A&E to bring healing to audiences around the world. In addition she has worked with industry leaders such as Psychic Medium James Van Praagh, Nick Redfern, Josh Warren and Rueben Uriarte. Karyn has also appeared on many radio shows and in print.

Gifted since birth, Karyn knew she had a special gift when she started receiving psychic predictions and messages from spirit. When she finally accepted her gift as to who she was, she decided that her purpose in this world is much larger than herself. Her calling is to heal others through the gift she has been given.


Past Shows:

  • Chemtrails & Geoengineering / Manifesting Goals

    Activist Matthew Landman discussed his ongoing efforts to raise awareness about geoengineering and chemtrails. Followed by psychic medium Karyn Reece with tips on manifesting our goals.More »
  • Astrology Forecast / Psychic Work

    Astrologer Susan Miller discussed what all 12 astrological signs can expect in 2022. Followed by psychic medium Karyn Reece on her work with law enforcement and negative entities.More »
  • Surveillance & Technology / Afterlife Insights

    Nick Begich discussed the dehumanizing aspects of technology and the surveillance state. Followed by psychic medium Karyn Reece on death, demons, and the afterlife.More »

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