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In the first half, afterlife expert Dannion Brinkley discussed his latest work with American veterans. As the founder of the Twilight Brigade, an organization that assists veterans, he is often at their bedside at the time of their passing. Some of the VA patients he was with during their transitioning, shared unusual stories with him, like one man who was stationed in Italy in WWII, and witnessed soldiers dressed in the style of ancient Rome. Brinkley said he's heard a number of anomalous accounts from vets who reported seeing different timelines during the theater of war. 

While many veterans and caregivers deal with hardships in navigating the bureaucracy in the Veteran's Adminstration, Dannion praised the VA's Whole Health program, which offers a holistic approach. Their integrated therapies include such things as Tai Chi, yoga, stretching, and the Mediterranean diet. He advocated for House Bill 8701, which would add chiropractic care to the Whole Health program. Brinkley also mentioned that during his near-death encounters, he was shown prophetic visions. Referred to as "Boxes of Knowledge" in his 1975 NDE, these visions are recounted here.


Professional spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed into the spirit world through thousands of private and group sessions. In the latter half, she revealed the nature of the spirit world and mediumship, as well as different aspects of the soul. She described how in mediumship, her soul blends with the departed person, which is needed to facilitate the communication. The bonds of love are not diminished through death, she added, and the consciousness of the soul doesn't go away. In a way, our departed loved ones are "actually more alive than we are," as the spirit world is a very vibrant realm, tuned into a higher frequency, she remarked.

Our "inner senses" go beyond the five physical senses, and operate in the astral and dream worlds, she noted. So, in that way, dreams and death share a similarity. Dream visitations with deceased loved ones are not uncommon, and in Obley's case, she had such a visit with her grandmother that was accompanied by a feeling of overwhelming love. Speaking of people's challenges and purpose in their lives, some souls find it easier to return to the spirit world because they are overwhelmed in the physical plane, she detailed. Obley, who gave readings to callers, also talked about how certain people repeatedly incarnate together as part of a "soul group."

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