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Individual Liberties / Sound Healing

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In the first half, author and constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord discussed the latest developments in the "Deep State" vs. individual liberty and what he believes is their endgame to install a global authoritarian state. He defined the Deep State or Administrative State as an unelected bureaucratic oligarchy composed of over 200 agencies and departments involved in creating some 2/3 of all federal or regulatory laws. "In real terms, our individual liberties are being sucked right out from under us, and we are ending up being more enslaved to the bureaucrats in Washington," he commented. Further, Emord questioned the constitutionality of some of Pres. Biden's executive orders, such as the vaccine mandate for businesses, and the student loan forgiveness plan (a debt, he said, that will be ultimately shifted over to taxpayers).

The Biden administration's legislation has doubled the US budget, and "this kind of spending has caused inflation," he suggested. Further, the forced constriction of the fossil fuel industry has led to the rise in gas prices, and crushed the middle class and those struggling economically, he added. We need to return to the core values that underlie the Constitution, he continued, and protect individual freedom and free enterprise. Because of his concerns over the erosion of civil liberties, and his belief that the government is moving in a socialist direction, Emord has launched a Senate Exploratory Committee to potentially run for the US Senate in the state of Virginia.


In the latter half, authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman M.A., spoke about how self-created sounds can relieve stress, and improve immunological functions, as well as how harmonics can amplify higher levels of consciousness. He differentiated two types of sound healing-- psychoacoustic-- in which the audio travels into the ears, and vibroacoustic, where the sound goes into the body, and can have effects on the cellular level. Several sound samples were played, including one by Alec Sims demonstrating vocal harmonics. Harmonics, can be considered the magical aspect of sound, and were used by the ancients for divine communications, he explained.

In the clip intoned by Goldman called "The Divine Name," we heard what be the re-discovery of an ancient sacred and universal name for God, composed of harmonically related vowel sounds. "Whenever we make, or we hear a sound, we're actually hearing a composite of different frequencies called harmonics," which could be thought of as the color of sound, he detailed. Making something as simple as a hum offers a variety of therapeutic effects, he reported, like increased oxygen in the cells, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, and the release of melatonin and nitric oxide. This humming practice can be done in as little as one minute, followed by a short period of silence and deep breathing, he noted. The new edition of Goldman's classic book, Healing Sounds, offers over 100 minutes of downloads featuring sound healing exercises and guided meditations.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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