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ET Contact / Unusual UFO Cases

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ET experiencer Kosta Makreas joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss his personal contact experience, which prompted him to create the "People’s Disclosure Movement," a community of over one million people all over the world. In addition to sighting numerous UFOs in the sky over his lifetime, Makreas claims to have had two personal encounters that opened his eyes to the profound interactions that take place between humans and aliens. As a new student of alien contact, he recounted, he and a group of fellow investigators witnessed a sphere floating in the forest where they stood. The beings inside the sphere entered the consciousness of one of the group, mesmerizing her, before disappearing as quickly as it had come. A few years later, he was asked by extraterrestrial beings to form a mass movement to foster full-scale contact, Makreas said.

The power of the Movement's numbers is harnessed in different ways, Makreas explained. Once a month around the new moon, for instance, the community focuses on the night sky in order to build a collective energy field that communicates a spirit of welcoming to extraterrestrial civilizations. Members also network to form ET contact teams that provide camaraderie and share information. A tipping point has recently been reached, he noted, whereby a sufficient number of experiencers can soon be mobilized into joining a kind of galactic federation that promotes full cooperation between Earth's people and beings from elsewhere.


Preston Dennett has authored numerous books on the paranormal. In the second half, he talked about his work doing research and writing. Dennett noted that he enjoys choosing cases for his books that he feels are unique or unusual or that haven't gotten the attention they deserve. For example, he elaborated, he's written about "car lift cases," incidents in which UFOs have chased and lifted occupied cars. After consulting data gathered by organizations like MUFON, Dennett concluded that the most common day of the year for UFO sightings in the United States is July 4. Other cases he's documented deal with collisions between airplanes, cars, and even boats and UFOs.

Contact with UFOs have considerable impacts on human bodies as well, said Dennett. In more than one incident, he said, contactees have experienced spontaneous levitation. He attributes this phenomenon to alterations in the body's electromagnetic properties caused by alien encounters. In addition to levitation, telekinesis and telepathy have resulted from contact with UFOs, Dennett added.

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