Antique Shop Hauntings / Psychic Paramedic

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Antique Shop Hauntings / Psychic Paramedic

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In the first half, author, tarot reader, and antique shop owner Corrine Kenner joined Lisa Garr (email) to share her experiences with the spirits whom she claims inhabit her Florida store. Shortly after purchasing the business years ago, Kenner recalled, she noticed some strange activity in the store: doors opening and closing on their own, lights going on and off, and merchandise turning up in different places. It wasn't long before she began to hear what she thought was a customer entering the store—the ring of the bell on the door, footsteps, and voices—only to find nobody was there, she said. Since then, paranormal investigators have picked up EVP and other data that Kenner believes to be further evidence of her shop being haunted.

It also became apparent that various objects in the store were part of the strangeness. A doll Kenner calls "Haunted Charlie," for example, seems to enjoy moving around on the shelf, while an old radio refuses to play contemporary music. An intriguing realization Kenner had, however, was that many such items were not themselves haunted, but were being animated by the spirits who hang around the shop. In fact, the store is more like a magnet for the spirits already present in the community than a portal of its own: spirits seem to identify with her antiques, and sometimes even follow customers they're attached to into the store.


Sarah K. Grace grew up in what she described as an emotionally traumatic environment where she was shamed for her psychic abilities. In the latter half, she talked about her painful journey coming to terms with her gift, which led to a career in responding to 911 calls as a paramedic. Through clairvoyance, Grace explained, she was often able to watch the souls of dying people leave their bodies, and was able to assist them in ascending to their new spiritual realm. Eventually, she left the field to become an energy healer, helping people overcome trauma and understand their own intuitive abilities.

Among the listeners who called in for a reading from Grace was a search and rescue volunteer in Washington, who was involved in an active search for a father and son lost in a state park. Grace indicated that although one subject was in worse shape than the other, she felt like they were together and still alive. To a caller in California who wanted to know what was going on with her boyfriend, Grace advised that better communication, followed by a reevaluation of the relationship, was in order. A listener in New York was relieved to learn from Grace that a friend of hers, who had died after complications in surgery, seemed to be at peace and wanted the listener to know that he's OK.

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