Big Bang & Intelligent Design / The Divine Council

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Big Bang & Intelligent Design / The Divine Council

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Stephen C. Meyer received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in the philosophy of science after working as an oil industry geophysicist and now directs the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute. In the first half, he discussed how data from the Webb Telescope further confirms the reality that our universe had a beginning ("the Big Bang") and the way this relates to the theory of intelligent design. The evidence for the universe arising from a theistic or intelligent cause is three-fold, he said: the universe had a creation event; the universe is finely tuned against all odds to allow for life; and inside our living cells are troves of information for building the machinery of life. 

Meyer also noted how early scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler believed that nature had been designed by the mind of God, and it wasn't until the 19th century that science took on a more materialistic approach. Though an anomaly has emerged in the James Webb data of distant galaxies (they are larger than expected), the light or radiation emanating from them correlates with the location we'd expect, based on an expanding universe model set off by the Big Bang, he explained. Speaking of the SETI program, he noted that signals of "specified complexity" pointing toward intelligent life have not yet been detected elsewhere in the galaxy, yet within our own DNA molecules are such indicators, "suggesting that life owes its origin to a master programmer."


In the latter half, film producer and afterlife expert Rich Martini shared his latest research involving contact with those that are on the Other Side, particularly in relation to what he referred to as the Divine Council, a core group of spiritual beings who watch over our lifetime. He found evidence for the existence of the Divine Council by taking various people into a guided meditation state. For the meditation, he used the Beatles' lyric "Picture yourself in a boat on a river" as the starting point, and eventually, he asked for their spirit guide to come forward. Then he asks the guide if he can visit the person's Council.

The Council members number from three to fifteen beings, emanate from different eras, galaxies, or realms, and may never have been incarnated here on Earth, he detailed. Martini repeats the same questions to each Council member, and said they've told him they're here to help humanity etherically or telepathically. The Council have said they are tethered to us, and though they can't interfere with our lives, they can support us, he added. Martini also shared tips on how to increase the odds of communicating with our deceased loved ones, whom he characterized as still here but existing outside of time on the "FlipSide." One method is to speak about or ask questions of the loved one in the present tense.

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