Numerology Forecast / Ghosthunting in Scotland

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Numerology Forecast / Ghosthunting in Scotland

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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants (877-686-2373) discussed what is happening on the world stage, a powerful numerology pattern emerging in December, and what we can expect in 2023. The energy of December 2022 repeats itself, she said-- for instance, those who have the Lifepath numbers 1-5-7, can pick out month dates that match those numbers for appointments or occasions that will be to their best advantage. Similarly, people from the 3-6-9 and 2-4-8 Lifepath groups can pick dates that match their numbers. All the month dates break down to a number between 1-9, she explained.

The new year, 2023, is a "7" year, and we should watch out for Mother Nature in a way that will be more intense than the last couple of years, McCants cautioned. A year of "7" is a good time to assess yourself, she continued-- looking at one's health, goals, and relationships objectively rather than as a fantasy, and then making changes for the better. "I'm actually looking forward to the "7" energy for our world," she added. Glynis also talked about the lives of Vladimir Putin and Elon Musk, who both have "7" Lifepaths, and gave readings for callers in the second hour. For more, check out her free newsletter, and special affirmation for those who are struggling.


In the latter half, founder of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, researcher Rick McCallum talked about the ghost investigations he took part in while traveling in Scotland and the UK, as well as particularly haunted locations in America. The intensity and frequency of haunting phenomena are much stronger in Scotland than in the US, as the country has a rather bloody history, he commented. For example, Balgonie Castle, has been around for centuries and has had all that time to accumulate activity. At Balgonie, just as a friend called out his name, he felt something slap the back of his head, but there was no one there. At Culross Palace (where scenes from the TV show "Outlander" have been filmed), shortly after McCallum entered, he saw someone walk by him. But when he looked into the room that the person had walked into, there was absolutely no one there.

He described a special 'Para Unity' ghost hunt that was set up at Real Mary King's Close in Edinburgh (where some of the structures are underground). The event involved several local ghost investigation teams, who were paired up with members of different groups, in an exchange of knowledge and techniques. McCallum said he saw a full-body apparition at a haunted theater in Norwich. As far as American locations, he recounted an investigation at the William Heath Davis house in San Diego-- when he was on the stairs, he felt a disembodied hand try to push him down the steps. McCallum also named the LAPD Museum as one of the most haunted locations he's ever been in, though one of the ghosts, "Walter," he finds to be quite friendly.

During the last segment, George played a recording of his performance of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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