Transhumanist Agenda / Dr. Sha's Miracle Healings

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Transhumanist Agenda / Dr. Sha's Miracle Healings

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In the first half, researcher and podcaster Joshua Reid talked about the push toward transhumanism and the technology required to make human beings controllable, as well as simulation theory and how it relates to the Mandela Effect. He cited a comment from Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari that human beings are now "hackable" animals. This is how the elite technologists view us, Reid continued, with the monitoring of our bodies and thoughts potentially transmitted into a vast database. This information could eventually be integrated with artificial intelligence in a dystopian future similar to what sci-fi author Philip K. Dick envisioned in such works as "The Minority Report," where would-be criminals are arrested before they commit a crime.

The implementation of transhumanism may be accomplished through such things as nanotechnology, where, for instance, microscopic machines within the body could transmit radio signals, as well as the altering of human DNA through CRISPR technology. The agenda, according to Reid, is for the population to be reduced in size, and corralled into surveilled megacities. He believes it is not unlikely that we are living inside a highly advanced computer simulation, and evidence for this can be found in cases of the Mandela Effect, where people remember details of various names and quotes that differ from the current version of our reality.


In the latter half, author, literary agent, and publisher William Gladstone, who studied medical anthropology, shared the story of Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and the miraculous healings associated with him. A medical doctor, Sha trained in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine and ancient spiritual healing. In his most recent healing method, Master Sha makes a Tao calligraphy in a semi-trance state for a specific person suffering from an ailment. While doing the calligraphy, he is "accessing energy from a different dimension," Gladstone explained. Afterward, Gladstone added, the person whom the drawing was made for traces over the design with their hand, and that recreates the original energy and helps to heal them (view related video clip).

Gladstone shared examples of various people who experienced dramatic healings from Sha's calligraphy, even among those who were skeptical of the technique and his beliefs. Master Sha has indicated that the calligraphy effects are accomplished through yin and yang alterations. He learned the "one stroke" calligraphy technique from the great teacher Professor Li Qiu Yun (who was almost 100 years old at the time). Gladstone noted before Sha creates a calligraphy for a patient, "he communicates first with the divine" to make sure a healing is the right path for that individual. More of Sha's healing techniques and approaches are documented on his YouTube channel.

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