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Producer and host Mr. Lobo presided over the nationally syndicated late-night television show Cinema Insomnia for over 16 years, which was seen in hundreds of TV and cable markets, and is now available via streaming on Roku channel OSI 74. He joined George Noory to talk about horror movies, television horror hosts, and drive-in theaters. "I like a monster movie... I like a movie with a certain amount of fantasy to it because if it doesn't have that, it's just murder; it's just a crime movie," Mr. Lobo revealed. He lauded the newly released murder mystery film, Glass Onion, as well as the capacity crowd he was among at a recent midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Mr. Lobo commented on drive-in movie theaters, noting there are at least 300 still in operation across the U.S. He has done shows at the Cumberland and Mahoning Drive-ins in Pennsylvania — the state with the most drive-ins in the nation. On December 15, 2022, Mr. Lobo will present Santa Claus Conquers the Martians at Shankweiler's Drive-in in Orefield, Pennsylvania. That drive-in has been in continuous operation since 1934, he revealed. Mr. Lobo also discussed television horror hosts, including some of his favorites: Svengoolie (who is still on in Chicago); Creature Features with Bob Wilkins; and the Canned Film Festival with Laraine Newman, one of the original cast members of NBC's Saturday Night Live. According to Mr. Lobo, horror hosting is still robust, having found a new home on streaming platforms, and will likely continue to be part of any new media to come. "There's so much content available that having a [horror host] companion is not a bad idea," he suggested.


The second half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Tony in Pittsburgh asked George about a show called "Shock Theatre" that he remembered watching as a young child in the late 1950s on a local television station. The program was hosted by a "scary-looking" person calling himself Mr. X, portrayed by actor Tom Dougall. Tony could not recall specifics about the show, except that he was frightened by it. "I shut the TV off and went to bed," he admitted. Lloyd from Bend, Oregon reported on an accident he had when he was a kid visiting a friend in California. The two were riding in a golf cart and jumping speed bumps when Lloyd asked for his turn to drive. "Right as a started to drive it, I remembered this dream I had probably three years prior," he revealed, noting the dream was about crashing the cart." According to Lloyd, the accident threw his friend from the vehicle, and then it rolled over him.

Shara in Australia phoned to discuss identity theft. Her country recently had two massive hacks involving the second largest carrier and largest healthcare provider. The hackers stole personal info from 9.7 million people per attack and dumped the sensitive data on the dark web. "Of all the cybercrimes, identity theft is the worst because once they've got that, they've got you for life, and you have to be hyper-vigilant," she said. According to Shara, Australia's Prime Minister and Minister of Cyber Security also had their data compromised. She offered some tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, including not using public Wi-Fi networks, making sure email links are legitimate, and keeping your birth date off of social media.

The final hour featured a special tribute to the late author and Dogman researcher Linda Godfrey.

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