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In the first half, aerospace engineer Mark Carlotto shared the findings of his research into Atlantis. While much has been written about where the ancient lost civilization was located, Carlotto explained that a more fitting question might be when it existed. By this, he meant that Atlantis has been referenced before Plato, and that much of the world of that era was part of an enigmatic lost civilization. In his research, he continued, he focuses on trying to put together a larger chronology of the development of these civilizations.

Initially assuming that the ice sheet that covered ancient North America would have prevented any civilizations here during that era, Carlotto recalled being surprised to find that the ice cover only extended partially into the continent. Consequently, areas in what is now the southwest United States were, in fact, home to lost civilizations. Part of this phenomenon was a result of the fact, he suggested, that at some point in prehistory, the North Pole was located in what's now the Hudson Bay area, and not at the "top" of our current globe.


Canadian psychic intuitive counselor Robert Lindsy Milne was the guest in the latter half. He shared the story of how he developed his abilities at a young age, going on to become recognized as one of the most insightful people in his profession. High points of his career, he related, include the opportunity to help the Canadian government intercept intelligence leaks at the border with the United States by remote-viewing where letter drop boxes were hidden. In another case, he helped the police confirm that a visiting Soviet agent was in Canada in order to defect from his own country.

In the final hour, Milne did readings for listeners calling the show. To Mark in Washington, who shared that he did search and rescue work that often meant using his intuition to guide him, Milne said he could see that Mark had held similar helper roles in his past lives: as a physician in Germany in the 1800s, and as part of a rescue operation in Egypt, where he lost that life after falling into water. Pauline in North Carolina was worried about her teenage granddaughter, who had developed heart trouble. Milne assured her that the problem was temporary, and the treatment for it would be minor and would be concluded within a year. And calling from Cleveland, Ashley learned from Milne that her recently murdered brother was now in a state of "suspended animation," waiting to go on to his next spiritual level. He was no longer in pain, and his killer would be punished, Milne continued; her brother was most concerned for Ashley's well-being and sent his love to her.

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