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Climate & Food Shortages / PSI Dreams

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Former international coffee buyer, David DuByne has witnessed the effects of climate change on global farming. In the first half, he discussed why he believes solar cycles, volcanic activity, and geopolitical conflict will result in global agricultural losses in 2023 and what we can do to prepare. He reported that water vapor from the Hunga-Tonga volcanic eruption of January 2022 is now blocking significant amounts of sun and creating cooler temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere. This affects the food production of countries in that hemisphere, and their exportable crops, he cautioned. "Argentina has lost so much wheat production that Brazil, which used to import about 10.5 million tons, couldn't even import it from their neighbor," he noted. And with Ukraine out of the export picture, corn and wheat supplies have dwindled internationally, which hurts developing nations and could instigate food riots.

In 2023, he said that food will be very expensive with limited supplies, adding that the forecast for 2024 is even worse. Currently, there are depleted grain and corn yields in America, and in Europe, we're seeing shortages of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, he continued. DuByne recommended that people start growing their own produce, or if they live in apartments, look into vertical or rooftop farming. His YouTube channel, Adapt 2030, contemplates food and climate trends through the rest of the decade, including the difficult solar minimum cycle that can cause a reduction in crop yields.


A pioneer in lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Craig Sim Webb has 25 years of experience researching dreams and consciousness. In the latter half, he spoke about precognitive and PSI aspects of dreaming, as well as creative inspiration and nightmares. Experiments in sleep labs have shown that dreams have a learning facet, especially in the lucid state, and dreams also can be helpful for emotional healing, he reported. He discussed the intriguing new Netflix movie Slumberland, which explores how dreamers use totems to move between different levels, and influence their waking life.

Webb described an interesting case from a student of Edgar Cayce, in which they were visited by a deceased parent in a dream, who asked them to check in on a sibling as they were concerned something was wrong with her leg or shoulder. The student contacted their sister, and found out she did have some pain in her leg. Upon a visit to a doctor, the sister was diagnosed with a serious condition involving growing toxins. Webb talked about the significance of nightmares, which can sometimes be triggered by medications, and how they can serve to warn us of dire events, particularly when they are clear or vivid (for more, see his article, Nightmares? Lucky You!). He also shared some strange incidents when people seemed to have physical effects from their dreams, including an individual who had recurring fire dreams and would wake up with blisters on their leg.

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