2023 Astrology Insights / Afterlife Communication

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2023 Astrology Insights / Afterlife Communication

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William Stickevers is an international astrologer specializing in archetypal, financial, and geopolitical astrology. In the first half, he discussed the current global financial and economic chaos and what the planets indicate in 2023 for currency, crypto, and the stock market. A lot of the issues that we experienced in 2022 will continue into the first few months of the new year, he said. We'll see significant geopolitical and economic volatility increase as the US and China battle it out for global supremacy, Stickevers reported, adding that central bank policies, including the raising of interest rates, could lead to a 50% lowering of stock market valuations in 2023.

He foresees the cryptocurrency market bottoming out in February, but this will be followed by regulatory reforms that will bring in a new round of investments from US institutions--particularly in bitcoin, which will boost that currency's value. He believes we could see an "oil commodity reset" seriously contemplated, as various countries no longer want the US dollar as the standard "petrodollar" reserve currency. Stickevers also predicted a rise in job layoffs that will begin after the Christmas season. During the second hour, he offered readings to callers using horary astrology, which is based on the exact time at which the question is asked of him.


With a PhD in metaphysics and a lifetime of bizarre experiences, psychic Dr. Linda Salvin works to reconcile the spiritual realm with the scientific world. In the latter half, she addressed afterlife communication, and how to harness the power of light during the holiday season. People struggle with loneliness and loss as they get older, and while we can't avoid pain, we can take solace in learning to become one with others, she remarked. The afterlife, she noted, is real and is inhabited by our parents, loved ones, friends, animals, and ancestors, as souls continue their progression. Salvin said she has channeled the voices of spirits to relay such things as varied as sauce recipes to suicide notes.

"The more spiritual we become in this lifetime, in this incarnation, the higher we go when we transition over," and we are met with family and loved ones at the "gate" when we die, she continued. Further, in the physical world, we can take comfort when we're alone that those on the Other Side are always around us, and we can feel their presence, she stated. Salvin also touched on such topics as her friendship with the late Evelyn Paglini, candle magic, curses, prayer, soul circles (those we reincarnate with), and communicating with the deceased during dream states. During the last hour, she offered readings for callers, including receiving messages from their departed loved ones.

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