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Hypnotherapy & Building Wealth / Cryptocurrency &  AI

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In the first half, Connie Willis (info) welcomed hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones to give predictions for 2023 from the perspective of humankind. Jones is optimistic about the power of positivity for people in the new year, with self-help resources becoming more popular than ever. The more difficult news, he continued, is that the economic outlook isn't good for 2023, which could lead to an increase in problems like depression and addiction. The key to facing these challenges is recognizing that they represent opportunities to grow and improve.

Jones also discussed his hypnosis program and how you can heal yourself in the new year. The topics his programs cover include getting more organized, improving health, attracting wealth, and becoming more motivated, all through hypnosis. The power of hypnosis lies in its ability to act upon the subconscious alpha part of the brain, where perception is slowed down and, therefore, more easily manipulated. In his clients, Jones typically treats problems like excessive weight gain, insomnia, and nicotine addiction, he related. It's possible to hypnotize oneself, he explained, although he recommends making a recording of your session.


In the latter half, Sean Worthington, a tenured computer science instructor and CEO, talked about the future of digital currency, cryptocurrency, quantum computers, and artificial intelligence in 2023. Lately, he's been working on his CloudCoin, a digital currency that functions as a password-protected, inflation-proof form of cash. He's also developing a new encryption exchange method that aims to make sharing information online more secure, he said. Worthington's concern for privacy motivated his Ghost Chat, a super-secure system of chatting that leaves no digital trail for spying eyes to pick up on.

Worthington predicts that Bitcoin will become much more usable in 2023, thanks to a new network that allows it to be traded more quickly around the world without fees. He also warned against the ever-more sophisticated, "earth-shaking" changes in artificial intelligence ahead. In addition to amazing advances in image creation and editing, Worthington speculated, AI is making advances in distilling information from written texts. Even human relationships are closer to being digitized, with AI-created friends engaging in online conversations with us to make us feel happy and liked, he went on.

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