Alternative Health / George's 20th Anniversary Special

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Alternative Health / George's 20th Anniversary Special

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our bodies need to maintain good health. He was critical of the strategy of using statin drugs to stop the body from making cholesterol, which he considers a vital element that is important for the immune system, stress management, and brain & neural health. He suggested that people talk to their doctor about weening off statins, and take the natural supplement niacin instead. The supplement GABA can help improve mood and create a feeling of relaxation, he continued, adding that a ketogenic diet induces a natural form of GABA in the body.

Regarding blemishes or breakouts on the face, Fuchs noted there are several different skin issues, not all of which are acne-related. Acne typically occurs along the middle of the face or the T-zone, and he recommended zinc and Vitamin A to treat it. But if breakouts are on the side of the face, this is actually due to food intolerance or allergies, he suggested. Figure out what foods might be causing the issue, and try eliminating them, he added. For a caller who had been exposed to asbestos in his lungs during a remodeling project, Fuchs advised taking antioxidants like Vitamins E & C, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and selenium, as well as practicing deep breathing exercises.


Celebrating his 20th anniversary of hosting Coast to Coast AM, George Noory welcomed four guests in the latter part of the show. First up, author & NDE expert Dannion Brinkley commented that topics that have been a mainstay of the show for 20 years, like UFOs, have now reached a wider acceptance by the public. Next psychic palmist Vernon Mahabal praised George as an "inspirational communicator with a warmth that just comes through the radio" and how everyone in the audience feels like he is speaking directly to them. Mahabal also talked about how palmistry is a very personal method of reading the soul's message, "emanating from the most inner core of our heart."

Remote viewing teacher Paul H. Smith said he's been appearing on Coast to Coast going back to the Art Bell days, and reminisced about the government's canceled remote viewing program, the Stargate Project. He announced that he'll be presenting a workshop and lecture at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC. Ouija board expert Karen A. Dahlman rounded out the evening, discussing how she helps clients connect with their higher selves. She teaches people to be empowered and responsible for their lives, and this serves to elevate the experience of working with the Ouija board. During the evening, many callers phoned in to congratulate George, including favorites like Cornelius, Joe from the Bronx, and Barry from South Carolina. The legendary hockey radio announcer Michael "Doc" Emrick also phoned in to salute George.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, John Truman Wolfe

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