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Alien Communications / Shared Death Experiences

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In the first half, author and speaker Tom T. Moore shared information he receives from his telepathic contacts (including guardian angels and alien beings) about alien motherships, the 'Earth Experiment,' and Atlantis. The creator of the universe is conducting the Earth Experiment in our solar system to see if four negative energies could be dealt with (beyond the Oort Cloud, the universe operates only on ten positive energies), Moore reported, adding that the experiment is slated to continue for another 7,000 years. He identified one of his main contacts as Antura, who is amphibian in nature and was born on a water planet in the Sirius B star system. Right now, Antura and his associates are aboard a Sirian starship "that is three miles wide and twenty stories tall with eleven decks, [and] a crew of 900," Moore continued.

According to his contacts, there are 12 parallel timelines (the upper ones are more positive) in which we each have a form of existence. Moore announced that he plans to shoot a documentary aboard the Sirian starship, which houses 39 different types of aliens. 60,000 years ago, aliens seeded Atlantis and Lemuria with homo sapiens and gave them free energy technology, but they ended up developing weapons of war with the technology and destroying their civilizations, he detailed. And yet, the aliens are satisfied with humanity's progress, he continued, as they can see into the future, and have determined that the Earth Experiment is successful. Moore, who offers a free weekly newsletter (sign-up/archive) that includes predictions, said that his telepathic communications or "thought packets" are made possible through the pineal gland, which acts as a kind of antenna for messages.


Founder of the Shared Crossing Project, William Peters, is recognized as a global leader in the field of shared death studies. In the latter half, he discussed shared death experiences (SDEs)-- profound occurrences between dying people and their loved ones and caregivers. In an SDE, a person expresses that they "feel like they shared in the journey from this human life into the afterlife with this dying loved one. In a sense, they hitch a ride with the dying across the threshold into the next dimension," he explained, noting that most consider it glorious or awe-inspiring and greatly comforting to know their loved one continues on. In terms of phenomena, SDEs are very similar or identical to near-death experiences, he added.

Interestingly, Peters said that in many cases, the individual having the SDE is in a location different from where the person is dying. They often experience what has been called the "conductor" phenomenon, in which an angelic or commanding figure appears and acts as a transitional guide. One woman described seeing an oversized or elevated being she called the "Tall One," who stood between her and her husband's hospice bed. "It was like the Tall One had a light emanating from within him," she said. As to how shared death experiences come about, Peters suggested that it is the dying who initiate them, sometimes asking the conductor for permission to show the surviving loved one where they are going.

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