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Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project and retired emergency room physician Dr. Steven Greer is an expert in UFOs, ET intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. In the first hour, he talked about his recent documentary Contact: The CE5 Experience, his new crowdfunded film to be released in the spring: "The Lost Century," and his work with government and corporate whistleblowers. Newly out as well, is the CE5 Contact app, which offers instructions on making peaceful contact with ET civilizations. He said that individuals making this kind of contact could begin the transformational process of contact with beings from other realms.

Greer also announced he is planning a new national disclosure press conference, and noted that a recently passed whistleblower law allows for those formerly silenced to come forward. To contact Dr. Greer regarding whistleblower testimony, write; for other issues:


Psychic medium and "good" witch, Patti Negri, was voted number one psychic and witch/magical practitioner in an international competition by Times Square Press. In the last three hours, she discussed her work as a psychic investigator and witchcraft practitioner. Interest in paranormal investigations has rapidly grown in recent years, she cited, and the development of new investigative equipment like the SLS camera has helped fuel that. She described a rare negative experience when she was conducting a séance at a haunted house in Hollywood. A young person at the séance said some things that annoyed the visiting spirit, and then a cameraman documenting the event suddenly burst into flames, she claimed. Three weeks later, the cameraman showed Negri his back that had blistered from the fire, and it had healed into what looked like the tattoo of a dragon.

In another negative encounter, while working on a podcast about the Black Dahlia murder, at her home, she was using the Ouija board, when she felt something push her hard into a dining chair. She believes it was the spirit of Black Dahlia murder suspect Dr. George Hodel. Regarding her work with witchcraft, she incorporates such things as candles, sigils, and spells. As an example of her being a "good witch," when casting a love spell for someone, she won't direct it toward a specific person, as that takes away their power.

Negri shared a ritual to remove or send back negative energies, based on old Southern conjure-- the Lemon Uncrossing Spell. First, slice the lemon and then salt it. Then chant, "All spells against me congregate, within this lemon that's your fate. Sour spell to sour fruit, you must go there 'cuz that's your suit." You then leave the lemon outside to dry, and bury it afterward. More details on the spell: article/video.

During the last 15 minutes, George shared his reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

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