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Astrology Insights / Transforming Tragedy

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In the first half, acclaimed astrologer and writer Leslie McGuirk shared an astrological forecast for the year ahead and talked about how the practice of astrology can help us during difficult times, and aid in mental health issues. The keyword for 2023 is transformation, she said, noting that this can be an unsettling time but offer growth opportunities, and that overall it will be less difficult than the last couple of years. A number of planets are moving into new zodiac signs this year, including Pluto, which dips into Aquarius on March 23rd after being in Capricorn for the last 20 years. Those of the Capricorn sign will especially appreciate this change, she pointed out.

Saturn has been in Aquarius for the last two years and will be switching to Pisces on May 7th for the next few years. As a result, many things that have been confusing for us in recent times will become clearer, she noted. Also in May, Jupiter will move into Taurus, which will be fortuitous for those of that sign, she added. McGuirk considers astrology a navigational tool-- like in the old days when sailors used the stars to guide them. "It's just a way of seeing patterns so that you can react to them in...the highest way possible," she remarked. For those struggling with such conditions as anxiety and depression, they can be helped by understanding the astrological patterns that affect their mental state, she asserted.


Author, clinical hypnotherapist, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden teaches how to interpret magical dreams and unexplainable moments. In the latter half, she presented her latest work on shifting our perspectives on tragedy and finding the magic that can shine in some of our darkest moments. She cited an example of this from her own life, when her purse was stolen just as she arrived at the airport in Colombia. Her bag contained such important items as her laptop, phone, and passport. But Walden decided to turn things around and figure out how this could be a blessing in disguise. She ended up spending one month there without a phone and computer, and discovered the value in not being chained to technology-- a lesson she brought back with her.

As an alternative to PTSD, she continued, one can experience PTG instead-- post-traumatic growth, where a person goes through something horrible but ends up better off on the other side. Walden developed a method called "OGLE" around it, where O stands for what's offending you about a tragic circumstance and allowing yourself to fully experience the feelings that arise. G stands for discovering what's good or potentially beneficial about the undesired occurrence. L stands for the looking glass, where you look at the incident as part of yourself or your persona (this is also a tool she uses in dream work). Finally, the E stands for elevating one's circumstance, even if it's just in an incremental way. During the last hour, Kelly gave dream interpretation readings for callers.

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