Sinatra & Monroe Revelations / ETs From Thiaoouba

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Sinatra & Monroe Revelations / ETs From Thiaoouba

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Mike Rothmiller served for ten years with the LAPD, including five years as a deep undercover detective. He has established a media career producing TV documentaries and working as a correspondent. In the first half, he discussed his work investigating the death of Marilyn Monroe, as well as Frank Sinatra's Mob connections. Rothmiller said he reviewed the secret dossiers of Marilyn, the Kennedys, and Peter Lawford, and that Fred Otash, one of his informants, revealed that he planted bugs and wiretapped Monroe's and Lawford's home. Rothmiller said he eventually interrogated Lawford and challenged him to tell the truth about Marilyn's death.

According to Rothmiller, Lawford revealed that he and Bobby Kennedy were at Marilyn's house, on the day she died, and she and Bobby had been intensely fighting. He said he saw Bobby prepare her a drink in a clear glass and mix something with a spoon into it. Rothmiller believes that it was Bobby who gave her a deadly concoction, presumably because Monroe was going to spill details of their affair to the press. Two plainclothes men showed up just before Lawford and RFK left, one of them known to Bobby. Rothmiller suggested that these two men (one of whom worked for the LAPD) then handled the body and set up the scene to make it look like a suicide. Rothmiller also detailed Sinatra's longstanding connections with various mobsters, and how at one point, he offered to work as an informant for the CIA, but they turned him down. More in this NY Post article.


Certified court interpreter in LA, Samuel Chong, was instrumental in arranging for the Chinese publication of Michel Desmarquet's book, Thiaoouba Prophecy, and in the latter half, shared details from the book. Desmarquet (who died in 2018) described his abduction by alien beings from his home in Australia and being taken to their home planet, Thiaoouba, where he remained for nine days. Chong said that ET technologies are being withheld from the public, and the way that we can discern UFOs is that human-made craft are triangular while alien ships are spherical. According to Desmarquet, to move through the vast distances of deep space, the Thiaooubans use a combination of traveling faster than the speed of light and teleportation. Further, they use antigravity on their home world for their transportation needs.

The ETs have also offered information about Earth mysteries, said Chong: The Great Pyramid is an energy center that captures cosmic energy, in order to communicate with ETs on other planets, while the Bermuda Triangle is an entry to a portal to a parallel universe. Learning its secrets can solve many "Missing 411" cases, as documented by David Paulides, Chong added. According to the Thiaooubans, the US military developed a time machine but made a mistake in adopting the wavelength-- instead, they should have used the "vibration of the Akashic Records." Chong also talked about his translation of the book "334 ‰ Lies: The Revelation of H. M. v. Stuhl," which deals with secret societies and the Illuminati.

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