Samuel Chong

Samuel Chong


A certified court interpreter and Chinese translator in Los Angeles, Samuel Chong was instrumental in arranging for the Chinese publication of Michel Desmarquet's book, Thiaoouba Prophecy.



Past Shows:

  • UFOs & Disclosure / Aliens from Thiaoouba

    Filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest research into UFOs and disclosure. Followed by Chinese translator Samuel Chong on Michel Desmarquet's book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" and his tale of being abducted to an alien planet.More »

Last Night

Disinformation & Propaganda / Benefits of Psychic Energy
Disinformation & Propaganda / Benefits of Psychic Energy
Former Army chaplain David J. Giammona and journalist Troy Anderson discussed the sophisticated tactics of deception and how to navigate them. Followed by psychic John Russell on various energies, magic, and Skinwalker Ranch.
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