Oracle Cards / Ancient Greek Healing

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Oracle Cards / Ancient Greek Healing

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Colette Baron-Reid is a bestselling author, internationally-acclaimed oracle expert, spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader, educator, and speaker. She joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss her Oracle card decks and how they can be used to help manifest one's best life. Baron-Reid described her experiences as a child being able to see things others could not, and recurring nightmares she had from ages three to five. "My mother would freeze up when I told her about the dreams," she revealed, noting the nightmares featured images of emaciated people, a man crying at a table, piles of teeth and gold, and an acrid smell.

Baron-Reid admitted her abilities comes easily to her, but they can be taught to others. "I can teach people how to tune it and, amazingly, be able to see the synchronicities in the world," she revealed, noting magic has been conditioned out of most people which is why many do not believe they can have extraordinary psychic experiences. Baron-Reid identified an Oracle as something that can help one determine their path. "It's about reflecting on the dominant energy of your life in that moment that will help you make a decision," she explained, noting the key is listening. Baron-Reid talked about the use of Oracle cards as a tool to access the divine, intuition, and other realms, as well as a deck she had made by a neo-primitive artist. The deck included a Sasquatch card to remind us about "when we forget our own magic," she disclosed.


Dr. Edward Tick spent decades studying and implementing ancient Greek healing practices and rituals for people suffering and seeking help today. During the second half of the program, he delved into how we have lost our way in modern Western medicine and what the ancients did to achieve holistic healing. Hippocrates is considered to be the father of modern medicine and the first scientific physician, Tick explained, pointing out he represented the transformation of medicine from holistic and spiritual approaches to the scientific enterprise it is now. According to Tick, modern medicine ignores the whole person in favor of translating health issues into symptoms that can be treated with pharmaceuticals. "It's really the soul, the spiritual center of our being, that's trying to talk to us with its symptoms," he suggested, noting spirituality and science must be used together in a balanced approach to attain healing.

"When we wipe out the symptom we're actually wiping out the messages our souls are giving us," Tick continued. There is ample evidence in the form of personal stories which show conclusively ancient healing philosophies and practices worked, he continued. Tick detailed the concept of dream incubation, likening it to Native American vision questing. When people had a compelling need that required them to connect to the spiritual they would go off alone into the wilderness and wait for their dreams and visions to occur. In dream incubation the participant goes to a sanctuary and stays in an incubation chamber for as long as it takes to receive a "big" dream. It only happens after people remove themselves from the mainstream and focus on the experience through fasting and prayer, Tick said.

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