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In the first half, author and astrotheologist Micah Dank joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the nature of God with a non-duality approach. As opposed to the traditional understanding of the Bible as part literal truth and part allegory, Dank explained, his studies have led him to see the Bible as a book of holy sciences that cannot be mistaken for literal events and people. In addition, he's discovered an astrological code embedded in the Bible and other ancient religious texts. One conclusion Dank has drawn from this code is that there will be a stock market crash in the Libra phase occurring in October.

Another theological belief of Dank's concerns the nature of God. While most Christians conceive of God as a separate entity from the rest of his creation, Dank argued that properly understood, God's infinite and omnipotent nature necessarily implies that all of creation—good, evil, and otherwise—is part of God's collective energy. Because of our limited perception and understanding as humans, though, we can't comprehend our own infinite nature, nor God's capacity for good as well as evil.


During Open Lines in the second half, a number of callers wanted to comment on Micah Dank's claims. Tony in Pittsburgh recounted his near-death experience years ago which led him to conclude, like Dank, that the Bible is not to be taken literally. Listening in Florida, Sam took issue with the notion that God is infinite to the point of encompassing all of creation, quoting scripture to support his point. Eric in Nevada also cited scripture to challenge Dank's assertions that the Bible is allegorical or mystical rather than literal.

The discovery of a Chinese surveillance balloon over the United States was another hot topic among callers. Jeff in Montana reported that the incident had resulted in the shutting down of the airspace, diverted commercial flights, and the presence of military jets in his area. Several callers shared the opinion that the balloon could be a trial run for a future incident led by China. Although many in the public are urging the US government to shoot the balloon down, listeners like Jeffrey in California urged caution and restraint instead, pointing out that shooting down the balloon could lead to the dangerous release of destructive material or even a new deadly virus. Daniel in Panama City noted that preserving the balloon would allow for the government to study its purpose and features.

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