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War & Bible Prophecy / Intuition & Entities

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In the first half, financial analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed the world situation and his dire predictions for 2023 and beyond, much of which is based on his interpretation of Bible prophecy. According to Baruch, Russia has been planning for an eventual war with the US and NATO for years, and the war in Ukraine is the first phase of their military campaign. They are using the strategy of Sun Tzu, where "the strong appear weak," in order to build up false confidence in NATO, while the US diminishes its stockpile of munitions, he said, adding that this leaves America in a militarily vulnerable state.

He foresees a number of upcoming phases of war instigated by Russia and their allies beyond Ukraine-- Phase 2: Iran attacks Israel and US air bases in the Middle East. Phase 3: North Korea attacks South Korea and US bases in Japan. Phase 4: Chinese warships fire hypersonic missiles at the US Navy. Phase 5: China and Russia reposition their forces for a surprise nuclear strike on the US, followed by a ground invasion. Baruch believes that the Bible has predicted this sequence of events that amount to World War III, which concludes with the nuclear attack on America. "It's in the scriptures," he declared, with parables indicating the timing connected to the formation of Israel in 1948 and adding 82 years for the average lifetime, which leads to the "return of the Lord" in 2030. WWIII takes place seven years prior, which would be 2023, and is "likely to occur in the next 33 days" after September 11, 2023, he warned.


Katie Beecher, MS, LPC is a licensed professional counselor and medical and emotional intuitive with over thirty years of experience. In the latter half, she shared how to connect with intuition to discover which areas of the body and spirit need healing, as well as how to identify and conquer evil spirits and entities. Based on Jungian philosophies, she views intuition as an all-knowing force we can all access. "I like to think of it as this best friend that's always with you," and it knows everything about you and is a source of unconditional love, she said. Obstacles to intuition can be when people overthink, doubt themselves, or are fearful of the message, she cited.

Regarding negative or evil entities, Beecher described an unplanned out-of-body experience, in which she encountered a dark being as she returned to her body that seemed to be attached to her. She kept repeating the Lord's Prayer, until the entity vacated after a few minutes. The best way to avoid or eliminate negative energy is to practice self-love, she stated, which can also help break a cycle of dysfunction. Beecher talked about some of her medical intuition cases. She has a unique way of working with clients, creating an individualized spiritual report and symbolic painting of them before they have even met, just based on their name and age.

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