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Time Travel / Spiritual Contact & Transformation

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Marshall Barnes is a research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology. In the first half, he discussed his latest research on parallel universes and quantum abandonment - technological attempts to escape the future by traveling to the past. Barnes believes civilization may end within five years, and has stepped up his efforts to realize his goal of time travel. According to his understanding, time travel to the future is not desirable as we would have no idea what to expect, but the past might offer a stable refuge. Some have pondered going back around 12,000 years and restarting civilization with eventually being able to ship back equipment, while Barnes said his current preference is the 1970s or 80s, where society is already established.

The "vehicle method" is a safer, more independent option than a "station method" like a stargate, because there would be uncertainty if the latter would remain for a possible return, he said. The technology does not literally involve traveling through time as in a tunnel, he explained; rather, it has to do with causing a split between where your target is and moving to a "new quantum mechanical parallel universe." It's a "copy of the past," he continued, rather than the actual version, so this helps avert various paradoxes. Barnes held back some of the specifics surrounding the technology, as he is concerned that it might be weaponized.


Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker, and podcaster who has published both fiction and non-fiction. In the latter half, she shared the uncanny occurrences surrounding her daughter Teal's untimely death and how that event shifted the entire nature of her being and led her to her life's work as an intuitive healer for people in crisis. After a cardiac event, Teal fell into a coma, and at the moment of her death, Falter felt as though a great presence had filled the room and then "swoosh," just left it. This triggered a spiritual transformation for Falter, and as she walked around the hospital, she could see people's auras and feel what they were feeling.

After Teal's death, Falter started sensing her presence or energy and began receiving communications and confirmations from her. One day, Teal said you can call me TEFKAT, which stood for "the energy formerly known as Teal." Falter also recounted various spiritual or synchronistic incidents involving such people as her sister, a shaman, and those who received Teal's donated organs. On the subject of grief, she noted that it could take a parent two to three years to recover from the death of a child. Creating an altar in their memory can help ground the grief and give you a place to feel their presence, she offered.

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