Marshall Barnes

Marshall Barnes


Marshall Barnes is a research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology. He has a long history in the entertainment, technology, production, and video industry that is only matched by his achievements in science and innovation.



Past Shows:

  • AI Dangers & Time Travel / Animal Communications

    Engineer Marshall Barnes discussed his latest research on AI dangers, time travel, and alien threats. Followed by animal communicator Karen Anderson on messages she's received from departed pets.More »
  • Time Travel / Spiritual Contact & Transformation

    Engineer Marshall Barnes shared updates on time travel. Followed by author and healer Suzanne Falter on the uncanny occurrences surrounding her daughter's death.More »
  • Time Travel / Intuition & Consciousness

    Research and development engineer Marshall Barnes shared updates on his time travel technology. Followed by spiritual teacher Bridget Finklaire on intuition and expanding one's consciousness.More »

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