UFOs, Roswell, & Balloons

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UFOs, Roswell, & Balloons

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Paranormal investigator and law enforcement officer Greg Lawson discussed the recently downed balloons and how they often have been used as an explanation for other UAP sightings, such as the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Lawson recalled growing up in the 1970s in Austin, Texas, where "everyday [he] saw a flying disc." His home was close to Bergstrom Air Force Base where they launched weather balloons. As a weather balloon travels higher into the atmosphere it gets larger, and when the evening sun reflects off of the balloon it appears as a "giant shiny silver disc," he explained.

Lawson commented on the so-called "Chinese balloon" which had a payload the size of two school buses. "We're assuming this balloon was gathering data of some sort, possibly espionage kind of stuff, well, what if it wasn't," he questioned. Lawson said he was troubled by the U.S. military response which utilized a $400,000 missile attack to knock a balloon out of the sky. "That's not how you do it," he argued, noting the importance of protecting the balloon's payload for later analysis. Shooting it down over the ocean insured there was no way to recover anything useful, Lawson suggested.

He drew parallels between Roswell and the recent balloon activity, pointing out the government has a motivation to slow the dissemination of information and to keep certain details from the public as a matter of national security. "Governments need secrets... there are things that we need to do and they need to remain secret," Lawson proposed. Regarding Roswell, Lawson was very clear the object was not a balloon. The original airfield press release describes the object as a disc that landed, was stored by ranchers, and picked up by the military. There is no mention about debris from a balloon in the release, he revealed, adding that was added to the story the next day.

Update From Ukraine

First hour guest, Ukrainian gymnast and entertainer Nadya Vasina, provided an update on the current situation in Ukraine. "If we talk about Kiev... we always have air sirens and always we are under threat of the attack by the missiles," Vasina reported. Russia claims they make surgical strikes only on military structures but "they launch missiles straight in the houses where people are," she added. Most of Ukraine has electricity but power must be rationed throughout the day, Vasina continued. She pointed out there have been over 30 wars between Russia and Ukraine, and expressed her hope that this will be the final battle between the two nations.

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