Russian UFOs, Cryptids, & Anomalies

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Russian UFOs, Cryptids, & Anomalies

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International paranormal and UFO researcher Paul Stonehill discussed current UFO cases in Russia, as well as cryptids, anomalous phenomena, and psychic research dating back to the Soviet era. Mysterious rotating dots of light have recently been sighted in the skies over different parts of the world, including an area not far from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russians dispensed aircraft to chase or check on the UFOs, but nothing came of it, and they didn't shoot anything down, he reported. Some of the dots move rapidly and then disappear, but they are not believed to be satellites like Starlink. In some locations, the air space was closed down because of the UFOs, he noted.

On February 14, 2023, at the Chinese/Russian border, a UFO with flickering lights was photographed and reported in Chinese media, he cited. The Chinese have an intense interest in UFOs, Stonehill revealed, though there are also debunkers there. He delved into the work of General Sham, a USSR-era officer who conducted psychic warfare experiments beginning in the 1960s- KGB files related to his work were recently declassified. Such techniques were used during the Afghanistan war to check out local leaders and to influence some of them to resign, Stonehill said.

In 1958, there was a Russian expedition to study hairy cryptids like the Abominable Snowman, and according to reports, some of the cryptids actually captured human females and had children with them. They were said to be non-violent and cared for their young, sometimes in their caves, Stonehill specified. There was also an account of a female yeti who had children with a human male, and descendants in the Caucasus area are said to have remnants of genetic material from their unusual ancestor. Also, in the Caucasus region, there are strange megalithic structures called dolmens, allegedly made by dwarf-like beings that came from the sea, Stonehill shared.


First-hour guest, UFO researcher Leslie Kean talked about her new TV series, "UFOs: Investigating The Unknown," which chronicles unidentified aerial phenomena both during the Cold War and in the modern era. She noted that the show was originally going to be made by CNN Documentaries but ended up moving over to National Geographic (and will be available for next-day viewing on Hulu). During the Cold War, the Air Force was inundated with UFO reports, but America's turbulent relationship with Russia complicated the way they were evaluated, Kean said. The Air Force's Project Blue Book eventually became an effort to debunk and ridicule sightings, she added. One of the episodes in the new series deals with the Stephenville, Texas sighting of 2008, and the late reporter Angelina Joiner's efforts to bring the full story to the public.


George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including several articles about the UFO mystery:

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