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Climate & Space Weather / Messages from Spirit

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Ben Davidson is the founder of the Suspicious0bservers and Space Weather News and has published scientific articles and textbooks on the sun, the Earth, and changes to our world. In the first half, he discussed climate change, solar storms, and the ongoing magnetic pole shift of the Earth. Recent reports have shown that the Earth's inner core is changing, but the latest data suggests it has now stopped spinning faster than the mantle above it. Earth has been lucky not to have been hit by dangerous solar ejections in recent times, he noted, but we're now approaching a period of 'sunspot maximum,' which means we can expect an increase in solar flares over the next 2-4 years, he said. Should the planet re-experience a flare with the magnitude of 1859's Carrington Event, "we'd be thrown back into something between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, basically a complete meltdown of our modern society," he warned.

The concept of space weather deals with how the sun affects the planet as a whole, he continued. For instance, certain solar events can cause a breakdown in the polar vortex or a "sudden stratospheric warming," Davidson explained, adding that the jet stream has become less predictable or more volatile, and we are seeing extreme weather shifts. He also talked about how Earth's changing magnetic field and increased radiation from space getting into the planetary system can cause harmful effects on our health and psychology, as well as turbulent events like earthquakes and volcanoes.


Spiritual medium Erika Gabriel has been connecting to the Other Side for more than 15 years. In the latter half, she revealed knowledge about the soul and messages spirit has for us that can change our lives. She detailed how she learned to differentiate between various spiritual entities, including spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, and so-called 'ghosts.' When someone comes to her for a reading, "I don't have their loved one with me; they have their loved one with them," she explained. She sometimes works with her spirit guide to gather information from the sitter's spirit guide and/or their deceased loved ones. Everyone has a spirit guide, and we can connect with them anytime we want-- they are there when we need them, but they don't seek to boss us around, she added.

We are in the midst of an energetic shift on the planet, Gabriel suggested, in which old paradigms are being thrown out, and spiritual experiences are on the upswing. While this is a beneficial development, there can be discomfort and confusion around the changes, she noted. During the last hour, she gave readings for listeners. For a caller interested in connecting with his recently deceased mother, she advised him to quiet his mind and recall positive memories with her and focus more on her life rather than her death. For another, she recommended avoiding negative self-talk and remembering that "mistakes are life lessons, not life sentences."

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