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Space Exploration / Secret Door XV

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Space author and journalist, and editor-in-chief at Ad Astra magazine, Rod Pyle, has authored several science history books and has produced numerous documentaries for the History Channel and Discovery Communications. In the first half, he discussed the latest developments in the new space economy and humanity's movement into space. He marveled over the success of the James Webb space telescope, and noted that it had never been tested in zero-g. It's making amazing discoveries about exoplanets and our own solar system, he reported. Pyle also talked about America's planned return to the Moon in the next few years, and how the US may have competition from other countries. There could be conflict about who controls the Moon, Pyle said, as China and Russia did not sign the Artemis Accords drafted by NASA calling for cooperation and peaceful use of the Moon.

It's unfortunate that there could be clashes on the Moon, he continued, as it's a rather inhospitable place with radiation and extremes in temperature that will make things difficult enough. And yet, he believes we are entering a space renaissance, with private enterprises like SpaceX doing the heavy lifting with the equipment and transportation, which can free up NASA to concentrate more on exploration and discovery. SpaceX has managed to command half of the world's launch market in less than a decade. Pyle also touched on the UFO question, and thinks that NASA's recently announced study of UAPs will offer an intelligent approach to evaluating and understanding cases.


The latter half featured our latest edition of the Secret Door, in which George tried to guess the identity of four separate guests who tried to fool him by disguising their voices. The first guest spoke in a heavy German accent that George could not identify. It turned out to be remote viewing teacher Paul H. Smith, who shared accounts of remote viewing the future, as well as off-planet scenarios. He described one successful session while in the military's RV program in 1987. He was tasked with remote viewing an important event regarding the US that would happen in the next few days, and he detailed an attack on a US warship. It turned out that just a couple of days after the session, the USS Stark was attacked by an Iraqi jet.

Next up, a female guest used a voice synthesizer to create a strange electronic echo around her voice, and George didn't realize it was herbalist Sarah Chana. She talked about different plant remedies, including her recipe for fire vinegar, which helps improve circulation. Gingko also increases circulation, she added, and rosemary tincture can help ward off memory issues. The supplement GABA is good for relaxation and sleep, she cited. Third through the door was a man speaking in a curious voice, but George figured out that it was Hollywood ghosthunter Rick McCallum. He talked about some of his investigations in Scotland and haunted cemeteries. Last through the Secret Door was Roswell investigator Don Schmitt, whom George also correctly ID'ed. Schmitt recounted some of his fascinating witness interviews from the historic 1947 Roswell crash case, and announced that he is working on a new book about pilot UFO sightings.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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