Remote Viewing Update / Gleason-Nixon Alien Viewing

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Remote Viewing Update / Gleason-Nixon Alien Viewing

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In the first half, remote viewing teacher Edward A. Dames discussed such topics as the retrieval and analysis of the destroyed China balloon debris, rapid climate change, the relationship between AI and remote viewing, possible 'ultraterrestrial' contact, and the war in Ukraine. Regarding the Chinese balloon over US airspace, he suggested that after it's shot down, it can't be actively studied, so there is value in letting it fly to discover its capabilities and purpose. He warned there might be a sinister application of the balloon-- it could be functioning as a kind of agricultural warfare device disseminating fungal spores into the atmosphere in order to damage crops. Instead of extraterrestrials interacting with our planet, Dames has concluded that there are dimensional intelligences already here-- "ultraterrestrials," and he is aiming for some kind of formal contact with them this summer.

Climate is rapidly changing, and this is connected to the Earth's core and cycles with the sun, he stated. "If you live in the Las Vegas area," Dames continued, plan on migrating in two or three years-- there's going to be no water." He does not foresee a World War III-styled "nuclear slugfest," but rather the eroding of America's sovereignty and its role as the "unipolar leader." The startling new developments in AI could be harnessed to successfully teach remote viewing, Dames shared, though he does not believe the technology could practice the technique itself.


Author and researcher Paul Blake Smith writes books on largely historical, non-fiction subjects, including UFO crashes. In the latter half, he shared accounts of President Nixon showing alien bodies to Jackie Gleason, President Eisenhower's meeting with friendly aliens, and the Cape Girardeau UFO crash. The details of the Gleason-Nixon episode were revealed by Gleason's ex-wife Beverly to a tabloid magazine one year after it reportedly happened in 1973, and he never denied it, Smith noted. Gleason was obsessed with UFOs and the paranormal for many years, was a regular caller to the Long John Nebel radio show-- a forerunner to Coast to Coast AM, and even had a 'UFO house' built in Peekskill, New York.

According to Smith, the motivation for Nixon revealing four deceased alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida to Gleason was that he was in a bind in 1973 after Watergate came out, and needed to raise hush money. For a number of years, Gleason had offered up to $1 million over the air for hard proof of extraterrestrials. The alleged 1954 meeting of Eisenhower with aliens was said to occur at Edwards AFB in the California desert. The beings possibly had a greyish-yellow skin tone and were about five ft. tall, Smith detailed. They were believed to be particularly concerned about atomic bomb testing and its effects on the environment, he added.

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