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Dorothy Hunt & Watergate / Open Lines

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Saint John Hunt is the eldest son of "super-spy" E. Howard Hunt, the CIA covert agent best known as the leader of the White House "plumbers" black bag team, whose botched burglary and arrest led to the impeachment and resignation of then President Richard Nixon. Hunt joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss E. Howard Hunt and ex-CIA agent Dorothy Hunt, who married his father. He talked about the kind of person she was, as well as her war with President Nixon, and assertions that she was killed by the CIA in the crash of Flight 553.

"There are a lot of unknowns still... it's still a mystery," Hunt said about Dorothy's life and tragic death. A CIA report described her as "an amoral and dangerous woman," he continued, noting the agency expressed concern she would influence E. Howard in a way that could possibly interfere with their agenda. Hunt described Dorothy as a strong woman with a liberal bend, and revealed the day she boarded Flight 553 she was carrying documents that could prove Nixon's culpability in the assassination attempt on Cuban leader Fidel Castro. She had an interview set to blow the lid off of Watergate and Nixon but was killed in a plane crash that Hunt believes was a CIA hit. According to Hunt, a common CIA tactic is to kill a target with multiple victims so the ensuing investigation does not single out one person and potentially lead back to the agency. "They make no bones about killing as many people as they need to get something accomplished," he suggested.

Hunt also commented on the upcoming HBO Series White House Plumbers, which tells the story of how President Nixon's political operatives, E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, accidentally toppled his presidency. No one from HBO communicated with Hunt about the series they were producing about his family, so he got in touch with the entertainment company and was told they had excellent researchers and did not need his consultation. "As a point of authenticity they should have had someone from the family... I wanted the portrayal to be accurate," he lamented. Hunt also played an audio clip of his father's deathbed confession.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Tim in Seattle revealed a hidden chapter to the Watergate story. On the board of directors of the Houston-based Pan American Sulfur Company (PASCO) was a lawyer named Brandoff Guthrie who was partners in a law firm with Richard Nixon and John Mitchell, he explained. The law firm used by PASCO included attorney Leon Jaworski, Tim added. "So you have the law partner of two of the [Watergate] defendants and the prosecuting attorney on the same corporation," he said. Lynn from Orange, California, suggested the multiple train wrecks recently could mean "maybe someone is actually doing something to our infrastructure that's making the crashes." Could it be someone on interacting with our railway system, she asked.

A caller named Mark delved into what he described as an unsolved mystery regarding the 2017 Las Vegas shooting attributed to Stephen Craig Paddock. "I know and I've seen the body cam footage that was released by the court when the SWAT team entered Stephen Craig Paddock's room... one of the team members, Corey was his name, is going from window to window saying, 'We have no broken window,'" he reported. They enter a connected room and find guns stacked neatly, but no shells anywhere, he continued. According to Mark, after Paddock has been dead for 90 minutes the sound of machine gun fire by commandos can be heard. There also was a woman in Paddock's room that disappeared, he noted. "We were lied to" about the shooting and Paddock was a Patsy, Mark suggested.

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