Acrylamides in Our Food / Fallen Angels & Aliens

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Acrylamides in Our Food / Fallen Angels & Aliens

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Medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in anthropology from Duke University. In the first half, he discussed his latest work on how some of our favorite foods are riddled with acrylamides-- a chemical that is considered a nerve poison, a carcinogen, and causes reproductive harm. In 2002, it was discovered that acrylamides are present when you cook grains and carbohydrates at temperatures higher than 240 degrees, such as in toasting or baking. The chemicals are not added into the foods but produced naturally in the process of cooking, he explained. What we can do to counteract this is to boil and steam foods rather than bake, and toast bread more lightly, he advised.

Conditions like neuropathy and brain fog can develop over long-term exposure to low doses of acrylamide as it has a cumulative effect, he suggested. Many cosmetics also contain a polymer of acrylamides, which breaks down and adds to our exposure level. The FDA is aware of the acrylamide threat but has minimized awareness of the issue so as not to damage the industries associated with them and give them time to improve the situation, Singer stated. He also revealed other practices connected with health problems, including wearing bras and certain sleep positions. Constrictive bras interfere with lymphatic flow, and he believes that is what is behind the high rate of breast cancer. Side sleeping also causes compression to parts of the body, and he recommends sleeping on one's back with the head elevated.


In the latter half, podcast host focusing on the mysteries of the Bible, Scott Mitchell, updated his ongoing research into fallen angels, whom he believes are posing as aliens. According to his interpretation of the Bible, one-third of the angels joined Lucifer in an insurrection or rebellion against God, leading to an ancient war. "It practically devastated our solar system. I believe the evidence is all around us. It's possible that the asteroid belt we see today was a planet called Rahab in the Bible, and the devastation that came from [its destruction]...rained down on Mars, and the Moon, and Earth," he said. Subsequently, God gave dominion of the Earth to man, and the fallen angels have been angry and wanted it back ever since, he added.

A great deception is coming, he continued, in which the fallen angels will claim to be our "alien ancestors" who seeded humanity, and they will call upon us to "take their mark" to move on to the next phase of evolution, where we will be as gods. They will use a hybrid Nephilim as their leader, he said, and to aid in the deception, they're building non-human hybrids who look just like us but have special powers. Mitchell also delved into the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which he considers to be a pathway for demons to manipulate or even abduct people.

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