Serial Killer Next Door / Rendlesham UFO Incident

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Serial Killer Next Door / Rendlesham UFO Incident

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In the first half, author Richard Estep joined George Knapp to offer a number of examples of serial killers who, despite their hideous "careers" as murderers, were able to maintain parallel lives in more respectable lines of work. Gerard Schaefer, for instance, served as a sheriff's deputy at the same time he was terrorizing the women of a Florida city. A health care worker known to be deeply religious, Elizabeth Wettlaufer was secretly injecting several patients with fatal doses of insulin. And Russell Williams, a Canadian Air Force officer, was discovered to have murdered at least one woman and to have sexually assaulted at least two others.

Estep was careful to note that his intent as an author was not to sensationalize or fetishize the murders of innocent people. While it may be necessary to provide some level of detail in his accounts of serial killers, he explained, he strives to understand their actions and motivations and not to treat them like celebrities. "Anything that I feel would dishonor the victims' families... I'm not interested in doing," Estep asserted.


The 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident has been extensively studied by retired UK police detective constable Gary Heseltine. He appeared in the second half to share new testimony from people who were involved in the incidents that took place in the forest and on the military base near Rendlesham. In all, Heseltine related, seventeen encounter incidents took place over a few consecutive nights, all of which were initially denied or ignored in official accounts. Through a five-year deep dive into the data relating to the event, he uncovered evidence that had not been previously made public.

Heseltine discovered, for example, that Royal Air Force Sergeant Michael Stacy Smith was an eyewitness to the damage caused to Lieutenant Bonnie Tamplin's military vehicle in her alleged encounter with a UFO. A fellow officer, Smith claimed, relayed to him that Tamplin had discharged her rifle during the incident in an act of self-defense. Steve Longero, another subject Heseltine interviewed, provided an additional account to the one he's already known for, in which he claimed to have seen a UFO shoot a beam of light into the facility's nuclear bunkers. In a separate incident, Heseltine went on, Longero told him he was ordered to respond to an incident in Rendlesham Forest, where he said he saw another UFO.

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