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Astrologer William Stickevers specializes in archetypal, financial, and geopolitical astrology, and in the first half, he shared various astrological insights and predictions. We are in a 20-year "fourth turning" cycle begun in the 2007-2008 financial crisis, he said, and with the current Saturn-Uranus square, we'll see an intensifying of economic turmoil lasting through 2028 or early 2029. Stickevers related the impact of AI to a Pluto ingress into the sign of Aquarius in 2020, which signaled an exponential age of rapid technological innovation. "We're seeing a convergence of computing power, connectivity, Big Data, and the rapid adoption of all these new technologies." As a result of this, AI will be integrated into numerous industries, he stated. This will have a massive upside with increased efficiency and cost savings, but the downside will be job displacement and privacy concerns, he noted.

Regarding the US presidential election in 2024, he suggested that a Jupiter-Uranus alignment will factor into the landscape, with voters, particularly Millennials, considering radical or new approaches or different ways of thinking about issues. Stickevers believes that Biden will not be the Democratic nominee, but it's too early to tell if Trump will be out. He remains bullish on bitcoin, which according to the astrological chart he ran, "will out-perform every asset in the history of the world," and that has been the case since 2020 compared to such things as gold, silver, bonds, and stocks, he cited. Stickevers, who gave readings to callers in the second hour, also talked about his work with astrocartography, in which he helps clients determine the best places to relocate, retire, or go to school.


Intuitive healer and medium Susan Allen began studying mediumship and mysticism in her late teens. In the latter half, she discussed her communications with animals, both alive and deceased, and how they have a healing nature and are here to help heal the world. Our pets are part of our soul family, and have been with us in previous lifetimes, she said, perhaps even as a person rather than an animal. Pets have a deep soul connection with humans, and a mission to help us, she continued. What makes their healing qualities so effective is that they are amplified by their human companions, Allen added.

Animals will "teach you who you are; they'll teach you how to love yourself if you can't," and their healing comes through the power of love, she explained. After one of our animals dies, the owner can request that it reincarnate as a new pet for us, Allen revealed. "We are so much more capable of communicating to light beings and animals than we're aware of. And if we knew we had that ability, we'd feel a lot better about everything," she added. For more on Allen, who gave readings in the last hour for callers' pets, both alive and departed, see this article on her.

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