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In the first half, author and journalist Richard D. Lewis discussed his exploration of paranormal phenomena through the lens of the Bible and church history, touching on such topics as ghosts, UFOs, demons, alien abduction, and reincarnation. He recounted how he was abducted by a stranger when he was a child, and at just the right moment, he heard an inner voice telling him to run. He believes the voice was a divine miracle that allowed him to escape, and set him on a path of spiritual awareness. On the subject of demons, Lewis concluded they likely exist, but their threat is minimal to most people.

He coined the term "the Swarming" to describe the nighttime attacks people associate with a succubus or incubus in a kind of "electric vortex of energy." These effects can be similar to alien abduction phenomena, he said, adding that while the medical community refers to such episodes as sleep paralysis, the events may have otherworldly aspects like terrifying visions or entity infestations. To avert "the Swarming" he suggested participation in church, and keeping sacred objects near you, such as a Bible on your chest when you sleep. Lewis also talked about how accounts like Ezekiel's wheel in the Bible may relate to modern-day UFO sightings, though it could have been a spiritual vision rather than a physical craft.


Anuradha Dayal-Gulati is an energy practitioner and transformational coach with a Ph.D. in economics. In the latter half, she spoke about her career change from finance and academia to helping people release the past and reclaim their power using flower essences and family constellation therapies. As an energy worker, she looks at emotions as an energetic frequency, as well as "transgenerational patterns" (ancestral influences) that can affect our lives. These energies often involve unresolved feelings or wanting to make amends for things that might have happened to our ancestors, she explained.

"The longest healing really from the head to the heart," she continued. To assist with emotional healing and various mental conditions and fears, Dayal-Gulati has found flower essences to be beneficial for change to occur in a gentle, gradual way. The ancients believed there was a healing aspect to morning dew, and in the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach found a way to recreate the properties of dew with his wildflower remedies. The flower's energetic and healing qualities are preserved in water and brandy, which is a distinctly different process than essential oils or aromatherapy. Flower essences offer a very targeted and nuanced approach, she noted. During the last hour, she recommended specific flower remedies for callers' predicaments.


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