Belief in a Higher Power / Connecting with the Departed

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Belief in a Higher Power / Connecting with the Departed

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Author Eldon Taylor has served as an expert trial witness regarding subliminal communication and hypnosis. In the first half, he argued that there is a rational viability of a spiritual belief in a higher power and that the scientific worldview --one that sees humans as 'meat machines'-- is inconsistent with people's experiences of themselves. He pointed out that many, particularly younger people, find the belief in a higher power problematic and that atheism or agnosticism tends to be the norm in the world of academia and the sciences. When Taylor's two sons returned from college, they had both become atheists and disengaged with religion, and he set out to understand and possibly change their mindset. They had attended secular Ivy League-type schools, which espoused the idea that belief in a higher power is irrational.

Taylor concluded that for his sons and many young people, religious dogma had become conflated with belief in spirituality and a higher power, which he considers separate outlooks. According to Taylor, studies have shown that those leading a spiritual life tend to live longer, and are healthier and more empathetic than those who do not have such beliefs. A higher power can extend itself to you to make you a better human being and those around you, without being part of organized religion, he added. His new book, he explained, sets out to disprove the notion that you are intellectually inferior or superstitious if you believe in spirituality.


Salicrow is a natural psychic medium who's worked for over 30 years as a seer. Her passion for the Psychic Arts has led her to become an intuitive healer, educator, and author. In the latter half, she discussed how to connect with our own spirit, as well as those of our beloved dead. She detailed how emotions can be viewed on a 1-10 intensity dial, with most people going through life with their emotions set on a 3-4, while those who experience high degrees of anxiety and mental illness may be at an 8-9. But for the spirits of the departed, she continued, their emotions are typically turned down to about a 2, which allows them to analytically look at their lives and how they affected others.

Salicrow talked about "the Gray," a space of no-return for those who are about to die. When someone is in that state, such as in hospice, they are more likely to experience visitation from departed loved ones, as they are in the process of creating a portal to the spirit realm, she explained. She has learned from her contacts with the departed that those who haven't crossed over or have unfinished business can return to a home or space they were familiar with, even if they did not die there. Salicrow also spoke about different ways to honor the dead, such as creating an altar and conducting a "living relationship" with them, carrying on their stories and conversing with them. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

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