Apollo Mission Anomalies / Alien Abduction

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Apollo Mission Anomalies / Alien Abduction

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Author and TV personality Mike Bara began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering consultant for aerospace companies. In the first half, he shared accounts of anomalies and UFOs seen on the Apollo missions. Bara participated in a new documentary, Secret Space UFOs, which focuses on the sightings and experiences of various astronauts. Ed Mitchell conducted a curious psychic experiment on the way from the Earth to the moon. Then when on the moon's surface, he reportedly did a remote viewing experiment to see if people on Earth could pick up an image he was thinking about, Bara said. During the Apollo 11 mission, Ken Johnston, who worked at NASA, told Bara that within 30 minutes of the craft landing on the moon at Tranquility Base, the employees were buzzing about the news that the astronauts had seen three UFOs parked on the crater rim.

When astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were en route to the moon, they saw a glowing object following them, paralleling at the same speed, he reported. Because the object was not falling behind them, it couldn't have been the third stage of the rocket, Bara pointed out. He also touched on John Glenn's appearance on the TV sitcom Frasier, where he talks about seeing aliens in outer space, and Bara pondered whether that could have been a way to let the truth out under the guise of comedy. There appear to be problems with the various Apollo astronauts' memories, Bara suggested, and it's possible that NASA conducted a hypnosis program to control the recall of what they saw and experienced on the moon.


In the latter half, Maria Cuccia talked about her alien abduction experiences, which began one night in 1992. Suddenly, she awakened from sleep and sensed a strange energy penetrate her body. She found herself transported by a beam of light and aboard a spacecraft surrounded by non-human beings wearing hooded robes. She said she was shown a large group of children, and one of them looked at her and waved. Cuccia felt connected to this 8-year-old boy and was informed that this was her son, named Elijah. Later, she would ponder whether Elijah was a hybrid child, as there were some odd circumstances surrounding a miscarriage she'd had years earlier, and eventually, she had surgery in which hidden fluid-filled sacs floating behind her uterus were removed.

She recalled that Elijah had very long thin arms, though otherwise looked human. She has wondered whether the biblical story of the prophet Elijah, lifted off the Earth and said to return someday, relates to the boy on the spaceship. While Cuccia considers her alien abduction to be a physical and medical violation, she is uncertain about the true nature of the experience. However, she was able to channel the energy of the experience into composing music for healing and meditation, and founding Elijah Records. Cuccia recalled further alien encounters under hypnosis, and during one of the sessions, she acted out the voices of the beings talking to her and telling her that she had to write music.

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