Crop Circle Mysteries / Transforming Negative Experiences

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Crop Circle Mysteries / Transforming Negative Experiences

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In the first half, author, lecturer, and filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work researching the phenomenon of crop circles - the mysterious images in fields depicting aliens, serpents, mathematical formulas, astronomical secrets, precise architectural drawings, and peculiar messages. It's fascinating that many crop circle locations, particularly in the UK, are near megalithic sites, he pointed out. Though there is some evidence that crop formations may have appeared in earlier times, the modern phenomenon kicked off in the 1980s, and in some cases, orbs appeared in fields above where the patterns formed, he reported. While Marzulli conceded there are some hoaxes, many formations are inexplicable, and no footprints are found near the designs.

He compared the phenomenon to the mysterious cattle mutilations, as well as alien abductions, and believes the same malevolent force is behind them all-- interdimensional entities that move about with impunity. He considers these entities to be the fallen angels or watchers, as described in biblical texts. Crop circle researchers like Lucy Pringle have spoken about the "sacred geometry" at the sites, but Marzulli considers the mathematical messages present in some of the designs to be the "language of the dragon," given whom he has concluded has made them. He noted that the late researcher David Flynn interpreted the code and symbols of a crop circle depicting a Grey alien and disc as corresponding to the 1947 Roswell incident. For more, check out the trailer to Marzulli's new documentary on crop circles.


Renowned psychotherapist, addictions counselor, and teacher of A Course in Miracles for more than thirty years, Dr. Donna Marks believes every addiction is a substitute for love. In the latter half, she spoke about her latest work on turning negative experiences and mistakes into something meaningful and purposeful. She shared seven paths to accomplish this, including listening to the "voice of love" instead of the "voice of fear." The voice of love is always there as a form of inner knowing and can act like a guide, she said. Another path has to do with control-- instead of looking toward changing others in your life, focus on changing your own life, Marks advised.

"If something is disturbing me, I can work on why that's disturbing me," and alter my reactions in a positive way rather than "judging, and condemning, and fighting," she continued. We all have a life purpose and have certain talents and gifts, she remarked, "and if we don't embrace them and manifest them, we can't really ever feel self-respect because we're living someone else's dream instead of our own." On the subject of addiction, she characterized it as the #1 global health problem. According to Marks, physical diseases are related to addictive behaviors, like eating bad foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs, and these substances build up toxins in the body that lead to the ailments.

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