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Neurotechnology Frontiers / Spiritual Dimensions

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Distinguished Professor of Law & Philosophy at Duke University Nita A. Farahany is a frequent commentator for national media. In the first half, she discussed the legal and ethical frontiers of neuroscience and concerns that neurotechnology could be used to monitor our thoughts. Neurotechnology includes devices and technology designed to look at the electrical activity or blood flow in the brain, and the associated software/AI that interprets the signals. While these new technological breakthroughs may provide unprecedented ways to track our mental health and wellness, and understand what's going on in our brain, we need to consider safeguards for mental privacy and freedom of thought, she suggested.

Neuro devices, for instance, could detect whether a person's mind is wandering while at work, and such sensors are already being worn by employees at some workplaces, she reported. However, the benefits of the technology could be vast, she pointed out, with brain sensors or implants detecting early stages of different conditions like Alzheimer's, treating depression, or allowing us to seamlessly interact with computers and digital realms. She also revealed that the brain-training game industry (with companies like CogniFit) is coming of age with scientific evidence showing that their technology can actually improve some aspects of brain function.


In the latter half, metaphysical teacher, writer, and healer Dimitri Moraitis spoke about such topics as the many spiritual dimensions that exist in the hereafter, the location of heaven, and what ghosts really are. "You don't go to heaven; you grow to heaven-- it's an evolutionary process" that we're all part of, he explained. It takes more than one lifetime to get to heaven, and we are climbing up the spiritual ladder through our incarnations, he continued. There are many afterlife stages of development and levels of consciousness, such as the astral worlds-- some which can resemble Earth, and others completely different, Moraitis disclosed.

There are beautiful dimensions just before the heaven world called the Interplanetary Realms, where we bring our lifetimes together and all their talents and skills, he stated. Being in heaven is not a static existence, Moraitis shared; rather, it is a place of extraordinary creativity. On the Other Side, there are also lower or hellish realms operating at different levels, but souls are not permanently stuck there, he said. Ghosts can be considered earthbound spirits who haven't crossed over and sometimes wander at cemeteries where they're buried, he reported. That is why he suggests a person should be cremated so that spirits can completely disengage from the body. People who die typically do not move on to their next incarnation until decades later, but in the case of individuals who suffer a tragic premature death, they reincarnate very quickly, he said.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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