Natural Gas & Alternative Fuel / Divine Intervention

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Natural Gas & Alternative Fuel / Divine Intervention

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In the first half, ecological biologist and expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture, David Blume discussed the recent push to eliminate residential use of gas ranges, and the topic of ethanol as a gas alternative for automobiles. There has been a movement to restrict natural gas and gas lines into homes in certain locations, he noted. When you burn natural gas, it is essentially methane, and increases the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. While natural gas can be considered a reasonably clean fuel, its possible ban may have more to do with utility companies having shortages of it in comparison to coal, he suggested.

What we're seeing, Blume continued, is "government being manipulated into doing what the fossil fuel industry wants." Communities and farmers could make renewable natural gas (methane) on their own that doesn't add CO2 to the air, but oil companies don't want decentralized efforts such as this to compete with them, he commented. Regarding gasoline at the fuel pumps, he reported that E15 or 15% alcohol gas might become the norm, up from 10%. People or groups can build their own distilleries, brewing alcohol from such things as donuts, old bread, and waste fruit and creating an opportunity for energy independence, he enthused. Many vehicles can run on alcohol instead of gas, he added.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones featured her interview with author John Audette on angels, divine intervention, and afterlife communication (related book). Initially an agnostic, hospital/hospice administrator, Audette nearly died traumatically seven times. He came to believe that each time his life was saved by angels. He told Cheryll that evidence from his personal experiences and career work with terminally ill patients had convinced him that God and life after death do exist.

Audette recalled some of his angelic interventions, profound synchronicities, and afterlife communications (including one from astronaut Edgar Mitchell who died in 2016). Audette recounted picking up a mysterious hitchhiker in the 1970s who then seemed to vanish suddenly when he left him off at an exit. Had he been sent to keep him from falling asleep on the long stretch of highway? For more, visit his website,, which offers a section to share your own miraculous stories.

News segment guests: Sandra Champlain, Jeff Nelken

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